Fake Blog Post

Ok, I’ve heard the words “fake news” so much that I am willing to bet that the term makes it into the dictionary somewhere.  So I am titling this post as my Fake Blog Post.  Although what I am writing here are my thoughts, which are real, I am not sure what exactly will be the “fake” part…guess  I will have to figure that out.  

It is beginning to feel like winter is just dragging on here, but I know that it is really only a matter of a month now until we celebrate the first day of Spring.  I am a bit tired of the winter routinespecially of hanging out inside all the time, having to start the truck to let it warm up and defrost before venturing out anywhere, and of shoveling snow.   I want to be dressing in lighter weight clothing and I want to put all of the hats, gloves and insulated boots away til next winter!  I am anxious to start planning out my flower gardens and the vegetable patch.  I plan to plant more pumpkins this year in hopes of having a good crop of them for fall, last year we managed to harvest 10 nice ones which is more than I have ever been able to grow.  So I considered that a decent number for my amateur green thumb.  I think one thing that really helped was that Charlie, my neighbor and co-farmer of the veggie patch, was a Diller entry waterer.  We had a pretty dry summer so gardens had to be watered quite frequently to keep them from dying off.  I’m not one who gets excited with hosing down the gardens, so my flowers weren’t as nice as they usually are during a normal rainfall year.   This coming year I hope to be better with keeping up with the nightly watering so that the place looks green and well cared for.

2-22-17   I have been tring hard to stay caught up on emails, and I am doing pretty good, but still find that my email box is stuffed with junk mail.  I have been busily unsubscribing from various lists in an effort to curb some of it. Junk mail sucks.  I have been corresponding with a couple of new friends though through email, which is fun and exciting.  I like meeting new people, and I don’t mind emailing when it is on a personal level. 

It is another beautiful day today (Wednesday) and I should be out doing something, but here I sit in the house, TV playing in the background, dogs milling around my chair – because I had to move from the couch spot where I was sitting as Lulu wouldn’t allow me the peace I needed to write or concentrate.  Yup, I need to finish up here and get out for a while.  The dogs need to run around outside and get some exercise too.  I cannot believe how warm and nice to has been here recently, this is too good to be true and just means that we are once again overdue for some cold or snowy weather.  This time of year is so unpredictable.

I have purposefully stayed away from Trump news this week.  I was finding that it was consuming my thoughts, and thus making me irritable as fuck.  I know that I will have to catch up, but not today!  Sometimes one just has to take a mental health break.  Hope you are all doing well.

Peace~   ~MB


2 thoughts on “Fake Blog Post

  1. i think we are all exhausted from Trump and weary from winter. Here in NYC, every time we get a nice day, we find out winter is still demanding her due. Paybacks. Ugh. i’m so ready for sundresses and sweaters. i cannot believe that this is just days into that Tyrants rein of Terror and we are all already exhausted beyond words. Self care is super important right now. ❤


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