Sunny Sunday

Democracy will die in darkness. Having a fully free Press and attentive reporters watching our government and the officials is vital to the dissemination of information to the people.  Fair and accurate news coverage is what the American people are looking for and what we deserve. 

Trump, our so-called president, has declared that mainstream media is biased and thus is the “enemy of the American people”.  He is just mad because he cannot control the media and what they print.  The man has some very serious control issues.  His approval rating is only like 36% and yet HE claims he is far higher in numbers than what is real.  Problem is that he will make this stuff up and his cronies will swear by him, even when he is lying.  This whole thing is going to backfire on him very soon, just watch and see.  The Russian connection is going to play a big part in his demise I am willing to bet.  There is something very funky going on with him, his people, and the Russians.  I don’t believe any of them are being honest or forth coming about his connections to Putin and the Russians. 

The whole thing here is just not ethical.  Trump is trying desperately to circumvent everything he can. He wants to micromanage each office; each secretary and create alternative processes for ruNing our government.  He claims he “inherited a mess” when he just doesn’t understand how government works, he wants it to work like one of his corporations where HE is the decider-in-chief.  He has to learn that he is a president not a dictator.  It’s really a shame that he somehow got elected by the electoral college.   Too bad there isn’t some kind of application and test to be taken before you assume the highest office in the land.  The person sitting in the Big Chair in our White House should KNOW HOW GOVERNMENT WORKS and should be a stable, sober minded individual.  But this is not what we have here right now, so how this is going to play out will be really interesting — and very scary.

I have been just with great out these latest snowstorms here in Maine and praying for Spring to hurry up and arrive.  I’m sick of shoveling snow.  I work as much as I am allowed and spend the rest of my time mostly hanging out at home with my faithful dogs.  Of course, I watch quite a bit of news and do a lot of Internet reading daily.  I’ve been meaning to write just about everyday too.  Trump’s antics give me plenty of fodder for subject matter!  Plus life has just been going along as usual around here, so following the Trump debacle has been the height of entertainment most days.  Sad.  
Today I decided to do some cleaning, and one of the things that needed attention was my yahoo account.   See, I have been being lazy and not checking emails for quite a while so my inbox was STUFFED full.  I have been weeding through the endless built up emails all morning.  Thus far I have only found like 10 that were of any real interest or were fromade people I knew and we’re not junk or spam mail.  I have deleted hundreds and tried to unsubscribe from dozens of sites in an effort to reduce the amount I get daily.  I have alternate accounts but my is my primary and I depend on getting important emails there. Plus it is where my readers occasionally write to me too.

OK I need to do some errands around town and get the dogs out for some exercise.  You all have a great day!  Peace   -MB


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