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 Chaos and Calamity

Chaos  ( kay-os) n.  great disorder or confusion.

That is certainly the state of affairs here in America right now. Great disorder and confusion.  I would love to make this a light hearted or funny post, but there really is nothing light hearTed or funny about our current “situation”.   

Trump, his tiny hands and unfiltered mouth have gotten us into some real shit buckets in only a mere two weeks in office.  And Bannon, his chief advisor and puppet master is probably more to blame than you think.  The Nazi bastard is really the one pulling the strings.  We are not being fooled, we know that they both have equal parts in this debacle.  

I am 55 years old.  The first president that I remember with any detail in my life was Nixon.  I was too young to vote when he was running for the office, but I was in 5th grade and we did a class election type of thing.  We made our individual choices for who we wanted elected and then we made up campaigns, gave speeches and followed the election in the newspaper every day.   Newspapers were the main source of news back in the 70’so when this was going on, oh those were the days. I, in my ignorant youthfulness chose Nixon as my candidate.  I hadon’t to make up a nice binder of information on him, his stances on the issues and the major issues that would be facing him as president.  History tells us that the Vietnam War and abortion were two of those huge issues.  Of course history also tells us that he won, he pulled us out of Vietnam and Roe vs, Wade happened….then, to make a long story short, he got himself impeached.

My point in telling that little story was to basically say I have seen enough presidents, witnessed the good and the bad of quite a few – both Democrats and Republicans. But never NEVER have I witnessed someone like Trump – I suppose NO ONE HAS.  He has brought us into completely uncharted territories.  A billionaire with a horrible financial track record, a reality TV personality, and a severe narcissist.  This man is dabbling on the side of being so consumed with himself and his great need for approval and love that he is endangering the integrity of our country in every waye possible.  I do not predict a good outcome for him.  He has had to vacation every weekend since he tooknows office to his place in Florida.  Rumor has it that he’s not having very much fun being in charge, he is preoccupied by watching television news programs and complaining about all of the protests.  He’s not going to be in office for long, mark my words.  He can’t handle this kind of job, the pressure or the duties.  

Our White House has become a tomb of secrecy.  Melania, his wife – whom he has not even referred to as First Lady – won’t even live there.  She would much rather be in her golden palace in NYC or down inow their mansion in Florida.  She sees the White House as peasants quarters.  I bet you won’t hear much from her at all, ever.  For him to allow her to speak her own mind would go against his need to control her.  This guy hates women and thinks we are second class citizens. But remember this is a golden spoon fed, sheltered old white man who wants to take everything backwards to the 50s.  

The elderly Cheeto held a press conference yesterday, a first for him since he took office.  He jabbered on for 84 minutes, blathering about how great he is and how he is the best thing to EVER happen to America since the invention of the light bulb.  He got caught lying about the numbers of his electoral college win, and tried desperately to blame it on someone else.  He trash talked the media, claiming that any media outlet that isn’t singing his praises daily is “fake news”, which goes along with his idea of “alternative facts”.  The guy isn’t being represented well in media because he is secretive, doesn’t give the media access to himself or his cronies, thus they have to rely on inside sources (which Trump calls “leaks”).  The media reports on things and Trump will swear they didn’t happen – the Flynn resignation is one shining example of that.  

It has become very infuriating to watch the Cheeto talk at all.  His command of the English language is pathetic, he just can’t always put good sentences together.  And he is constantly complimenting himself; patting himself on the back and boasting about how great he is.  Problem with this is that he BELIEVES all his own rhetoric.  One day he is going to get taken down a few notches and he will crumble under the shame.  

What do people from other countries think about this “president” that we somehow elected here? I would love to hear foreign opinions.  Peace.  ~MB


3 thoughts on “ Chaos and Calamity

  1. As an Aussie, I feel extremely sad and embarrassed for America. Trump is not painting a pretty picture at all!

    Our current government is not doing us any favours down here in Australia either though, to be completly honest. However despite how much I despise our leaders here, I feel insulted with the way Trump has spoken about/to our prime minister and country. Alot of people over here feel differently about America then we did before this whole Trump ordeal. I feel alot less favourable towards being any kind of allie to America if things keep going the way they are.

    I worry for anyone whos not a rich, white, cisgendered man in America right now! Lets hope Trumps reign is short lived…

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    • I agree, he is not treating other world leaders with the proper respect and honor they deserve. Trump doesn’t know how to be diplomatic, he is very ill mannered in my opinion. Yes, let’s hope that he is not long in office.


  2. not just a country boi says:

    Being from Canada, like your friend in Austrailia, our own PM is less than competent and is a complete assclown globalist, that said, Many Canadians were pro-Trump ( because they are so fed up with our own government, they have actually been begging trump to invade Canada) , that pretty much began to change when people from Ghana and other countries not at war, began walking across our Canadian border from the USA…. now Suddenly Trump is not the Messiah they were hoping for.

    my persona views? I fear trump, but I do want him to build that wall between the USA and Canada, sorry I am a firm believer that if you wish to live in my Country, apply legally, people have no right to think they can just walk in and stay, especially if they can not speak English or french and have no job skill that they can use to support themselves and contribute to society. ( sorry if that sounds harsh, there are only 33 million Canadians in all of Canada, our tax dollars and welfare system can not support everyone, nor can our Healthcare, these people will cause Canada to collapse, they have to go. )

    I don’t dislike the USA, I have always loved the country, everything it stood for, most of the people( minus those who hide behind religion, marry their sisters, and have any sort of hate), thankfully the majority of American Citizens are very nice people, I do very much Dislike your current government, Obama was an ass as well, but at least not a very dangerous ass.

    I fear for you, and all LGBTQ, all non-white, all women, and even the moslum minority in the USA, the laws women and the LGBTQ fought so hard for, are going to be reversed, non-whites are going to become targets in his war to end the riots and do away with gangs and other undesirables… I am scared for them, I am scared for the moslims there that just want to be left alone to live in peace and be American, it will be open season on them, he can not legally deport them without reason, but he can do what Putin in Russia does, … unleash gangs of thugs on them then turn a blind eye to make them want to leave.

    Your Country is going down a very very dark path, and it’s people need to stop this insanity before it goes too far, I read stories of LGBTQ people getting beaten by people who no longer fear repercussions because of Trump and read stories of other minorities getting the same treatment, it truly scares me.

    protests will not stop that madman, they will simply make him more determined, the main problem is, the public in the USA has not realized this yet, Trump doesn’t care, he dislikes LGBTQ and minorities, thinks women should be Stepford wives or be like June Cleaver, protests will NOT stop him, he will not listen, he and his “advisors” need to be removed from power.

    so ya, sorry, that is just my thoughts. I may be wrong, but that is what I see, and that is what I fear.

    my heart weeps for you, and all of America.

    stay safe my friend xoxo


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