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Chaos and Deception

Our White House is in total disarray; utter chaos!  Trump is ranting about “leaks” of classified infromation, referring to the Flynn resignation over his secret contact and discussion with the Russian ambassador about the Obama sanctions in December 2016.  Trump has known about all of this for over 17 days, yet it was just yesterday that Flynn was asked to resign.  Then Trump defends Flynn in a news conference and in Tweets saying “he’s a good man” and that it was “fake news” and illegal leaks from intelligence agencies in his own administration who were the real culprits.  The man is fucking certifiably insane.  He is fully in bed with Russia and Putin.  He is hiding his dealings with Russia, lying for his people, and trying to fool us into thinking he is some how blameless in all of this mess.  

This is just the latest in his tirade of insanity.  Just follow the man’s Tweets and you can see how he is coming apart at the seams.  He is losing control, and he knows it.  Why the Republican party continues to stand behind this lunatic is beyond my realm of comprehension.  He’s just bat shit crazy!  Any half intelligent being can see that, why the Repubilcans won’t stand up and challenge him on all of this insane shit is just weird.  They must be petrified of the guy.  Afraid he is going to tear them apart if they speak out.  He can be very, very mean and says very mean things about people who don’t agree with him. 

We have 3 branches of government here as a form of checks and balances.  Our founding fathers wanted those checks and balances for just a situation like we are in now, where a leader, a president, is not acting right; not acting presidential or making any effort to lead as a democratic leader, but is using his power out of fear mongering, spite and hate.              

Trump has scheduled a “campaign rally” in Orlando for this Saturday.  He filed as a candidate for the presidential election of 2020 already, and he is going to be campaigning again, already. Crazy I say, he is just plain fucking crazy.                                                  


2 thoughts on “Chaos and Deception

  1. Roberta Timbelake Jordan says:

    He is a cunning madman. Notice how he is reaching out to his followers accusing others of plotting against him with fake news. He carefully planted the seed of doubt in many minds to his advantage. He is playing like a skilled chessman, moving across the board with ease. It’s Jonestown all over again, all we have to wait on is the huge vats of Kool Aid to show up. People who I thought were bright have turned stupid believing all this mans lies. I don’t get it!


  2. Kathy says:

    He loved the rallies — all boasting, full of crazed, violent supporters, inviting abuse of the media — all without accountability. In the final days, before FBI Director Comey basically assassinated Clinton, Trump was getting depressed. I think Kellyanne Conway is the one who asked him what would make him happy, he said he missed the rallies. The “reelection campaign” is BS. It’s an excuse for the same emotion-driven, fact-free, vigilante-mob bonfires Trump loved during the campaign. It’s about continuing the worst, self-indulgent activity of the campaign because it turns him on.


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