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I am akin to being water-logged with the saturation coverage of the debacle called Trump.  It is fucking amazing how much news coverage he commands with his antics and stunts.  The guy is so unpredictable that you just have to follow along and wonder what he is going to pull next.  

Yes, life here in America has changed in the last 3 weeks. I do not feel as safe as I did before January 20th 2017.  I do not feel that my country is as safe as it was previously.  Our “so-called President” has got the eyes of the world all pointed on us, and he is behaving badly on top of it all.  He has no idea how to act the part, how to be Presidenial or act with conscience and compassion for people.  He IS the proverbial bull in the china shop.  

here is a man, who was elected President, who has the lowes approval ratings in history. There is a very serious mobilized resistance to him and his administration here.  People are rising up and being very vocal about their opposition to Trump and his cronies.  And it’s not going away, which is what he wants.  The man hates the protesters, calls us the “opposition” – along with the media, who he has a very hateful love relationship with these days.  He wants everyone to love and adore him, including the media, which just isn’t going to happen with the climate he himself is creating here for Americans.  

I am resolved to keep resisting, to keep the pressure on my representatives, senators and hopefully some of them will come around and grow some balls to stand up to this bully in office.  But I have to say it is tiring to be so inundated with various information about all of the goings on.  Our national news feeds, CNN, NECN, etc. are filled with daily stories of all of the doings of the Trump administration.  It makes it hard to sleep sometimes.  I fear the news that we are going to war with some other nation – perhaps Korea now that they have launched a ballistic missile, or perhaps China because he keeps pissing them off, maybe Iran who has “crossed the line”….who knows who it will be, but I am sure he will get us into a squirmish somewhere in the world.  
It has been snowing here in New England for about a week now.  Today I hunkered down in my little house waiting out the latest Nor’easter we are getting.  Predicted snowfall is 18” plus/minus…way too much as far as I am concerned!  We got a little over a foot of snow just 2 days ago.  It was the light, fluffy kind of snow that was relatively easy to shovel and manage, but it is still snow.  We didn’t get any kind of snow in January, so I guess we are due for some good amounts this month.  Thankfully we are past the half way  mark, only 36 days left til the first day of Spring!  I cannot wait for the warmer days, green grass and flowers to bloom! I am looking forward to planting the vegetable garden and tending the flower gardens once again.  

I am pretty unhappy with my job lately, but have been waiting to see what happens here governmentally before I jump and change jobs.  I have been wanting to change for a while now, but also wanted to stay with the truck stop for some longevity.  I just hit the one year mark at the beginning of January.  It is just that I need a change really.  I am just bored with this job.  I would like something a bit more challenging and active.  But I also have to keep it part time, which is hard.  I will most likely get back into the flea market business come warmer weather.  I enjoy the buy and sell kind of business model.  Plus it’s very fun, and you meet alot of great new people.  

Nola and Lulu have been troopers during all this inclement weather we’ve been having.  They get a little stir crazy being inside more than normal, and Itry to get them outside a few times a day to get some fresh air, etc.  Today I tried to trim their toenails, but they really fight me on it.  I got Nola’s front feet done and one of Lulu’s.  I will have to take them to the groomer to really get them trimmed good.  It stresses me out to do it myself.  i hate making them uncomfortable.  

Well, not much else going on in my world right now. Just chilling out and hanging at home quite a bit, waiting for warmer weather and sunny days.  Iam now going to do some reading and some web surfing.  Hope you are all having a good Sunday!  Peace~  ~MB


2 thoughts on “Saturation

  1. Heather Levengood says:

    Hello from a femme in Southern Vermont! Just happened upon your page today. Thanks for letting me follow along as I too, wait out this latest storm. We’re only supposed to get 12 or so inches….I’ve already cleaned off my car once! Enjoy it. Spring will be here soon! 🙂


  2. Roberta Timbelake Jordan says:

    Hi Ang! High winds here, but at least the snow is gone. Went outside and was pleased to see a clear sky full of stars. Made me forget about the mess the world is in right now, if only for a few minutes.
    Yes, its hard to get away from the antics of the Trumpster. But I feel almost compelled to watch the coverage. His foolish ways amaze me. Our country is so divided and that worries me. How can we go forward with anything when we as a people cannot seem to pull together. We are the laughing stock of the world right now. I am just waiting to see what he has up his grimy sleeve about SS, Rumors are he wants to slash the hell out of it…then you will hear me explode. This is such a nightmare.
    But I am going to hang in there and see how things are going to play out. Rest assured I am not going to do it quietly…resist is my new first name!lol
    Hang in there


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