February is Over…yeehaaa!

I’ve started and almost finished this blog post 4 times now.  For some fucked up reason it keeps disappearing into cyberspace and I can’t retrieve it.  I was using my tablet for writing but now have my laptop back…and LOVING having it back!  I don’t know how to function without this laptop of mine, using […]

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I am so angry about Sessions first act as attorney general being to remind protections for transgender youth.  And he is well known for his outspoken anti-LGBT stance.  So, this is just one step in the many he will take to rip apart all that we have worked so hard for over the last 25 […]


Fake Blog Post

Ok, I’ve heard the words “fake news” so much that I am willing to bet that the term makes it into the dictionary somewhere.  So I am titling this post as my Fake Blog Post.  Although what I am writing here are my thoughts, which are real, I am not sure what exactly will be […]

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Sunny Sunday

Democracy will die in darkness. Having a fully free Press and attentive reporters watching our government and the officials is vital to the dissemination of information to the people.  Fair and accurate news coverage is what the American people are looking for and what we deserve.  Trump, our so-called president, has declared that mainstream media […]

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Lulu’s Birthday

Today is Lulu’s 2nd birthday!  We went to McDonald’s, as is my tradition with the dogs on their birthdays.  She was so excited it was very cute.  She and Nola split a happy meal and gobbled it right down.  

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 Chaos and Calamity

Chaos  ( kay-os) n.  great disorder or confusion. That is certainly the state of affairs here in America right now. Great disorder and confusion.  I would love to make this a light hearted or funny post, but there really is nothing light hearTed or funny about our current “situation”.    Trump, his tiny hands and unfiltered […]

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Chaos and Deception

Our White House is in total disarray; utter chaos!  Trump is ranting about “leaks” of classified infromation, referring to the Flynn resignation over his secret contact and discussion with the Russian ambassador about the Obama sanctions in December 2016.  Trump has known about all of this for over 17 days, yet it was just yesterday […]

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I have been snowbound for the last week.  We have had 5 storms, 2 major ones in the last week. The last one was a good sized Nor’easter, with winds of about 45mph and 18″ of new snow, some heavy and some the fluffy light type.  All I can say is that it has been […]

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I am akin to being water-logged with the saturation coverage of the debacle called Trump.  It is fucking amazing how much news coverage he commands with his antics and stunts.  The guy is so unpredictable that you just have to follow along and wonder what he is going to pull next.   Yes, life here […]

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