February is Over…yeehaaa!

I’ve started and almost finished this blog post 4 times now.  For some fucked up reason it keeps disappearing into … More


I am so angry about Sessions first act as attorney general being to remind protections for transgender youth.  And he … More

Fake Blog Post

Ok, I’ve heard the words “fake news” so much that I am willing to bet that the term makes it … More

Sunny Sunday

Democracy will die in darkness. Having a fully free Press and attentive reporters watching our government and the officials is … More

Lulu’s Birthday

Today is Lulu’s 2nd birthday!  We went to McDonald’s, as is my tradition with the dogs on their birthdays.  She … More

 Chaos and Calamity

Chaos  ( kay-os) n.  great disorder or confusion. That is certainly the state of affairs here in America right now. Great … More

Chaos and Deception

Our White House is in total disarray; utter chaos!  Trump is ranting about “leaks” of classified infromation, referring to the … More


I have been snowbound for the last week.  We have had 5 storms, 2 major ones in the last week. … More


I am akin to being water-logged with the saturation coverage of the debacle called Trump.  It is fucking amazing how … More