One Bad Apple…A Pro-Trans Ally

…does not make the whole fucking basket bad.  I just read a blog that kind of pissed me off.  But isn’t that why we read others personal blogs? So that we know about some of these opinions and radical views that may be so much different from our own?

This blog was written by someone who calls herself a “radical femme” and one who actually claims to also be a TERF  (Trans exclusionary radical feminist.   I’m not calling anyone out by name, but let it be known that I am a huge Trans ally, yes I am well known to be pro-Trans, as she put it in the blog.  As a big Ole super Butch dyke I stand all of 5ft4in tall in support of my Trans friends. I can very much relate to how they would be hurt and angered to read some of the blogs that I just read.  

Now, I fully respect everyone’s right to voice their own opinions and ideas, and to write whatever thdy want in their blogs, but to claim that their view alone is the only right one doesn’t sit well with me.  I don’t claim that I know what it is like to be trans because I don’t, I am a Butch Lesbian.  How could I ever know what it’s like to be Trans?  Just like I have no idea of what it would be like to be femme.  Those things are just beyond me, but I can try to be supportive, understanding and caring.  

The parts of these blogs that I object to the most is the constant rehashing of a couple of pervs and their evidently well known actions….too much for me to discuss here but it has to do with the “bathroom bills” and a few bad apples who evidently use the Trans umbrella to their advantage in doing nasty, hateful and illegal things.  These same names and stories seem to be a main stay in her blogs against mostly transwomen.  I didn’t notice as much about transmen.  I know many very good people who fall under the tran umbrella.  Just because some serious pervert is using his sexuall identity to a cost little girls doesn’t mean that this is what all trans people do!!!  It’s akin to saying that all people from Maine are lumberjacks, just because a select few are.  I don’t get how she can base her aversion to sharing a women’s room with ano MtF person on just a few horror stories.  

I once kinda liked this person who did not have any understanding of trans identity.  I remember how I would cringe when she would refer to her friends partner as an “it” because she didn’t get that the person was actually a male.  She just couldn’t wrap her mind around it,and I know some people are just like this.  Not everyone chooses to hAve the kinds of expanded circles that I may have, which give me 

I would try to have sensible conversations about sex, sexuality and gender identity with her, but some people just need to have more experience with things before they really ever get it.  It sounds to me like this Blogger is a very well educated woman, a Lesbian and has good intentions toward the Lesbian community.  She comes off as well read and is a very good writer as well.  I wonder if she has any real Trans friends or acquaintenances?  She should reach out to some and see that one Bad Apple doesn’t ruin the whole basket.  

She just doesn’t seem to believe that there are really honestly Trans men and Trans women in our world and under this gender non-conforming umbrella and they are here to stay.   MB


2 thoughts on “One Bad Apple…A Pro-Trans Ally

  1. Thankyou. I have found so many of those recently. Its scary. Typically they seem to be women…who are not in my age range so 30 and up. I’ve honestly tried asking some of these bloggers questions and they end up blocking me, which is what I deserve for trying to understand other people.


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