Monday 1-23-17

its been a very trying few days.  i hae written extensuvely about my views of this catastrophic thing they are now touting as the Trump presidency. 

On Friday, the 20th, he was inaugurated as our President.  I am still in awe of how he ever got to that position, peopl were evidentl blind and deaf, he said outloud how racist and anti-women he is — he let us know in no uncertain terms what he intends to do with this country.  He will try to run it like a kingdom, with himself as King.  Mark my words, this man has no good intentions for the real people of America.  He will protect his wallet and those of his cabinet (most of whom financially contributed to his candidacy and are all poised nicely to do him favors; to his bidding whenever he calls upon them.  

So on Saturday millions and millions of women around the world gathered and marched, and many men joined us.  We marched to make sure that Trump doesn’t forget we are here and we are watching.  We marched to say that we won’t go backwards with our rights.  We are voters, we are citzens, we are Americans from all walks of life and we are women.  Women have had to fight bitterly to gain our rights, and we will not sit back now and let them be taken away one by one, especially by a group of old white men in Washington DC.  

Today, Monday, 1-23-17 Trump reinstated the gag rule.  He signed an executive order stating that no funding will be given to any group, clinic, organization or individual who speaks of abortion in their family planning discussions, literature, or through any other means.  Yeah, Mr. Trump if we don’t disucss it then it won’t exist, right? WRONG.  By eliminaning discussion and information on abortion you basically put us back into the ages of backroom abortions done by coathangers and where many women will die.  Abortion is a very very personal choice.  It should remain thus.  And professional counselling that speaks of abortion also does so in a very sensitive and an informative manner.  Women, especially those young and uneducated need to know the right and medically backed information,and not be forced to the streets, back alleys, unsanitary rooms, and God knows where else to rely on second hand — possibly wrong and detremental hearsay.  

I’m not trying to talk about abortion here, but more the fact that he is de-funding things like Planned Parenthood when he institutes such a gag order.  It starts here, with the hot button topic that he knows will win him approval with the religious right and the pro-life crowd.  He is once again pandering to his base.  And this is only the beginning.  The message he is sending is that 

On day one, immediately after his taking his position he had the entire web site revamped to reflect only his views and ideas.  He eliminated pages about LGBT rights, Native Americans, Energy Conservaton and clean energy, and any other pages on social justice and civil rights.  The guy and his administration do not believe in civil rights or social justice.  They do not believe in equality for all by any means.  He is controling all of the republicans like marionette puppets, they are afraid  to speak out against anything he does or says for fear that he will eviserate them personally and politically as he has done to others already.  He scoffs at our laws, he will not release his tax returns, he won’ divest from his companies, he obviously has no intention of upholding our constitution.  

Democracy requires our effort.  We must keep the movement that was started by the Women’s March this last Saturday, moving and moving hard and fast.  We cannot go back intot he woodword and become complacent with this administration.  Millions of us marched all around this country, as well as on 7 continents of the world.  I even saw photos of women gathered in Antartica!  It was amazing, exhilerating and it must must must continue!  We have to keep our collective voice loud and clear, equality for all.  Justice for all  Protection for those who need it.  Freedom the way it is meant to be.  

I am pissed that my country is even in this fucked up predictament.   it is just ludicrous.  This man should have stayed in the private sector with this billionaire, I own the wortld attitude.   He is so in love with himself and in some weird way he thinks Americans love him too.  Well I sure don’t.  I do not like to use the word “hate” either, I reserve that word for war criminals like his friend Putkin.  But he sure is up there on that list with me.  
I am not working this week.  Got some time off and going to try to focus on my writing and some stuff around my house.  I am sure I will be busy standing watch over what kinds of things Trump does over the rest of this first week in office.  I am half expecting him to order the Army Corps of Engineers to our Mexican border to begin to design his new Great Wall.  He will do it, just when is the only question. 

I want to thank all of my foreign friends who have reached out to me during this trying time.  I am glad that I am not alone in all of my thouhts of what this could seriousl mean to the US. And it is interesting to see that people outside of my country can see the writing on the wall too.  I suppose that if you have a lot of money and agree with his racist / sexist/mysogenistic and hateful views you are a pretty happy camper right now, just know that you are also in the disillusioned minority.  I can think of one or two people in my past who probably just love Trump.  ha! Idiots.

5 thoughts on “Monday 1-23-17

  1. What I love about you is the fact that you don’t hold back lol But, well said. I must say that I am shocked that so many women are supporting him and are against the women marching and speaking out. Sad situation to think of all the work it has taken for women to gain the rights we have and now it could be stripped from us with one signature on a bill. I don’t understand.
    Social media is ablaze with Trump supporters who are spouting all sorts of rhetoric that amounts to nothing more than bullying. It has opened my eyes to who really has my back. Some of my family members are telling me not to be so negative, to give him a chance to repair this country, And how long do we wait and what price will we pay for giving him a chance? I hate seeing our people so divided over such a man. But if people want to unfriend me on this issue then I bid them a fond farewell. I must be true to myself.
    Today the president showed how his reign will begin by signing a bill placing a gag restriction on abortion issues. Notice he is attacking women’s rights, what is to happen with our bodies. What will happen next? Are you ready for someone to tell you that you cannot love who you wish? I’m not, but I fear it will come to that. The wall, will it happen? I am not sure, but if it does I know it will come out of the American peoples pockets, with a promise that they will be paid back….sure they will. Nothing is being addressed about unclean water in this country. There are still cities that have wooden pipes that their drinking water is flowing through. Pipes from the late 1800s. Why isn’t that being touched upon? So many things that need immediate attention and yet we drag out feet.
    What I know for sure is its going to be a rough ride for the next four years. There is going to be a lot of intimidation from this presidency, it is his way, So we either let our voices be heard in a non violent way, or we lose everything. One right after another. It’s our choice.

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  2. Canadians had problems going to the women’s march in DC because the border patrols wouldnot let them in and ones who were french or held british citizenship were told they shouldn’t try crossing into the usa again unless they have a visa.
    Also, trump is trying to silence all dissent AKA or the showup in numbers for his inauguration within the government. I think the interior department was silenced.


  3. I fear for all my American friends, and I cry because women are about to lose more than the right to choose, they are going to end up having no say at all about anything, I was talking to an online friend, who told me that it is extremely easy for Americans to immigrate to Denmark, because of some sort of deal that allows it, unfortunately Canadians can not, because my new famjam has discussed leaving Canada due to our Prime Ministers insanity, which is how I found out about American Immigration to Denmark, you might want to look into that find out if it’s true or accurate, then maybe do a blog about it if it is to give people options. just a suggestion my friend.

    Please, be as safe as you can be, I know you are wicked strong and don’t scare easily, but I am scared for you and many many others 😦


  4. Sorry for sounding like a wierdo, but have you guys heard about the economy collapsing and Marshall law taking over under Trump? They say the Walmart will convert into camps & and that there are disposable coffins by the billions…..This scares the sh**t out of me


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