Impending Doom

Time has trickled by since November when we found out that our next president would be Trump.  (the guy could even go by one name…like Cher or Beyonce, Prince or Madonna…Trump)  I’ve been trying like hell to comprehend what all of the people who are about to be in charge of running this country is going to mean to all of us – particularly the minorities, marginaized populations, the poor, sick and those who have been singled out already by statements or comments made by Trump or his posse of evil.  I find it very disconcerting to even THINK that these people, particularly Trump and Bannon, are really going to hold the most powerful positions in the land come this Friday.  I don’t understand how this all happened, while we all watched.

Inauguration day is Friday January 20th.  I don’t want to watch the “show” on television, but at the same time I do want to know what he will say to the country in that moment.  So I am not sure whatI will do.  It will obviously be recorded and played over and over on televison for the next week at least.  So I am bound to see itone way or another.  Supporters of the Trumpster have called me names like un-American, traitor and scum for not wanting to watch the inauguration of this guy on Friday.  I do not care what you want to call me, I do not believe that he has any good intentions for anyone but the rich.  I believe that he will turn the hands of time back 50 years as he tries to dismantle all of the good that has been fought so hard for along the lines of equality and freedom.  

And with the full house and senate loaded in his favor with GOP representatives, it is going to be too easy for him to push anything he wants through our system…it feels like the balance in our government is way, way off right now.  And it feels really weird, like we are all either on the side of awaiting impending doom or on the side of blind celebration of this dangerous man and his incoming administration.  I have this real sinking feeling in my gut.  It just seems to get worse as as each hour passes and we get that much closer to this somehow becoming our true reality.   

I will continue to resist and to remain vigilant as this next administration begins.Maybe one person can’t make much of a difference but the millions marching together in the name of equality and freedom is bound to spread the word to the government that we are watching closely and will not allow them to destroy our democracy.  The fight is just about to begin and lines are being drawn in the sand.  I may not be able to be marching in my nations Capitol this Saturday but I will meet up with local marchers here (in Portsmouth NH) and will stand united with all who will march everywhere.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t get to DC, you can certainly create your own form of resistance and speak out in many other ways.  

Today I took out the new rainbow flag that I just got around Christmas.  It’s the first full sized rainbow flag I have ever owned even.   I got the flag pole out and mounted the flag and hung it proudly on my front porch.  If there was not a sign ordinance in my neighborhood I would have a big “Love Trumps Hate” sign in my front yard too.  But the flag will probably cause enough stir in my little neighborhood as it is.  I was warned against putting it up when I got it, so I had to take some time to consider that it may entice some hate to be thrown my way.  It’s a chance I am willing to take.  I’m not willing to be quiet like most would like me to be.  

#womensmarch  #whyimarch 

I March for my family, my friends and for the future of America.  I March for those I know and for those I will meet,  I March because I believe in equality for all people and for our freedom to be our authentic selves.  

Peace and Love.  –MB

4 thoughts on “Impending Doom

  1. Ang I can relate to your feelings of the upcoming events and the feeling of doom that seems to be hanging over many of us. It is not what many of us thought would be the outcome. My problem right now is dealing with the supporters who seem to enjoy the bullying side of things, pointing out to me that I need to stop being unpatriotic and back the new President. I have never been a chest beater, or went out of my way to ridicule others for their beliefs, but with Trump taking office it seems the bullies are coming out of the woodwork. This has been a real eye opener for me. Those that I thought would support me, are not.
    I have always stood for equal rights and that is never going to change. No matter what is said or done I will remain who I am. That is something I can control. I cannot control what others say or do, those are their choices and they have chosen a man that I do not feel is competent to run this country. I can and will voice my opinions, as always no matter what the opposition says. I will not change my views, I have to live with me.
    I truly hope that I am wrong about this new administration, time will tell. I too am torn as to watching him being sworn in as this is the first time in my life that I have felt so negative about an administration, especially for what it might stand for or against. I want to hear for myself what he has to say, even though I am sure it will be much of the same that has already been said, leaving us with still unanswered rhetoric. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Just know that there are many with the same fears. Stand true to your beliefs.


  2. Be safe my friend, and don’t lose hope, I know it is going to suck in the USA very soon with dinglenuts as the president, just be safe and don’t give up, I think he will be impeached , if not he wont make it a second term, hopefully the next president can undo the crap trump is going to do 😦


  3. You’re not the traitor, you’re not scum, the incoming administration is. They are the ones who are threatening this country (do their supporters understand what an oligarchy is?), not you. You are courageous. Flying the rainbow flag is an act of courage, but please keep yourself safe. We are all still here, rainbow flags or no, and we will stand together in this impending doom. Peace & Love.


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