Tuesday Thoughts…

It has happened.  The electoral college confirmed Trump as our future leader.  I, like many, held out some weak hope that they would somehow reject him and send him back where he came from – relegate him to Trump Tower and reality TV.  But no, now he is the official president-elect and he’s really going to attempt to run this country.  Scary.  Petrifying.  Sad.

This is the man who is going to hold the nuclear codes to our 7000 nuclear warheads.  He’s going to hold our future in his hands, and I fear that we are in serious trouble.  He’s surrounding himself with “yes” men, men who will not question his authority or his choices.  He will not tolerate anyone who disagrees with him or tries to give him sound advice.  He thinks he knows best what is best; narcissistic bastard.  The man is truly in love with himself and wants everyone else to feel the same way.

He will enter office with the lowest approval rating of any president ever.  Which is really no surprise when approximately 55% of the country voted against him.  He won by electoral college, not by popular vote…remember that, because I suspect that this will continue to be a very big and dividing issue in our political system.

In more mundane news…I have an ear ache.  It’s been bothering me for 3 days now and this morning I will go to the doctor to see if it’s infected and hopefully to get some antibiotics to clear it up.  I hate any type of head pain, ears, eyes, nose, mouth….pains that you can’t just ignore because they are so prominent.

I finished all of my Christmas shopping and buttoned up the wrapping of the gifts last night.  I feel good about this.  This year, because I have been working, I was more able to get gifts for my loved ones.  yes, it’s going to be a really fun little Christmas this year.  I focused mostly on my best friend, my parents and the kids.  Although I did get each of my sisters a small gift as well.

Christmas day is going to be a bit more quiet than usual.  My younger brother is taking his family up to the Canadian border with all of their snowmobiles to do some serious snowmobiling for the holiday week.  The cabin they have rented offers them trails directly from it to the trails system, from whence they can go to the grocery store, dining facilities and other places of interest.  I bet they will have the most memorable Christmas ever; the kids will never ever forget “the Christmas we went snowmobiling..”  They have prepared a small Christmas tree to take along and set up in the cabin, and will take all the kids gifts up there for them to open on Christmas morning.  I do hope that they take lots of photos so we can all see how much fun they have!  I know they will have a blast.

My youngest sister is going to host her partner’s family for Christmas.  And my niece, her daughter, will come home from Florida to see us all.  They will do Christmas at her home, which is fairly close to my parents house.  So I will go over and see her that morning and deliver the gifts I have for them at that time.  I am excited to see my marine biologist niece while she’s home visiting.

I will spend Christmas day with my parents.  Me and the dogs will go over there fairly early in the morning to open gifts with them.  I got the dogs plenty of new “babies” to throw around and play with like they do.  I’ll take photos to show you all their enthusiasm for opening presents.  Nola loves to rip off the paper; she gets soooo excited!

The furnace has been running great since the repairman fixed it when it broke down the other day.  And I have learned that putting “mix” in the fuel tank is vital in the winter months.  I cheaped out and put in regular #2 fuel oil, which gelled and caused this breakdown to happen.  Mix has something in it that won’t let it gel and thus avoids this problem altogether.  The next delivery I get will be mix, believe me, I learned my lesson!

So today I will tend to personal health issues, go to the doctor and rest up as I try to shake this ear ache before the Christmas holiday arrives.  I may go and get my hair trimmed.  I’m going to keep it long on top but will take the sides and back up to their normal length of a #1.5 blade.  I’d like to have it looking good for Christmas photos.

My birthday – the big 55 – is right after Christmas in January.  I find it so hard to believe that I am really as old as I am.  I don’t feel old at all, and I suppose that 55 isn’t really that old.  It’s just a number, but the fact that I have made it through 5 and a half decades relatively unscathed is just mind boggling. I will have a small party with family and close friends to celebrate.  I have asked for a pair of Merrell Rovers, which I have a feeling I will have to order online because I need a men’s 7.5 and most places only carry 8 and up in men’s sizes.  I don’t think Merrell is making Rovers in women’s sizes.  rover-mocsI love Merrells, they are the best slip on shoe I’ve ever found.  They offer great support and are comfortable to wear all day long while I am on my feet.  So this will be what I get for my birthday, whether Mom gives them to me or I get them myself.  I need them bad, my old ones are worn out from years of use.

Ok, off to begin the day…Peace!  ~MB




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  1. In the winter, No 2 heating oil has to have K1 (kerosene) in it to prevent gelling. K1 is more expensive (I have a Monitor heater than runs on pure K1), but if your oil tank is outside, you have to use it.

    1. Your spelling here makes it difficult to decipher exactly what you are asking. I use the name MainelyButch as my screen name across the internet. What is it that you see as “selfish” about that? It’s just my name online.

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