Timberland PRO Work Boots

I am freak about good boots.  I love a good pair of work boots in particular.  I’ve always worn them, since I was a teenager.  And I have to say that every pair have been Timberland’s.  I have never waivered in my loyalty to the Timberland brand because they have always been the very best of boots.  Comfortable, durable and long lived.  I have a pair that is over 20 years old still, good old fashioned tan work boots.  Yeah, they are dogged and worn, but you would expect that with 20 year old boots.  And I still wear them on occasion!  Mostly now for mowing the lawn and doing yard work – exactly what they were made for anyways!  They are my working work boots, so to speak.

So, I purchased a pair of Timberland PRO series boots about a year ago.  They are classic black, and very nice looking boots.  I fell in love with them.  They were the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.  And I certainly have owned some boots!!!  And damn, did they look fucking sharp!  Went very nicely with a good pair of jeans and a black belt.  (Belt color MUST match the boot color, black with black, brown with brown, etc.).

Anyway, now I have a problem.  It seems that these boots have decided to come apart!  I am astounded because I’ve never ever had a problem with any pair of Timberland’s in my life.  NEVER.  And this pair has been babied, never having been worn to do any kind of hard work or subjected to raw conditions like mud, snow or excessive water.  They have been treated very good, being worn when I would go out on the town, or to work.  I work as a service associate at a convenience store/truck stop.  I stand on a floor mat on top of a linoleum floor.  They aren’t even subject to the wear of a concrete floor!  The wear bars on the bottom of the boots still have the factory hash marks on them, haven’t even worn them enough to wear them down a little bit!  Yet, they are coming apart; delaminating.  The soles are separating from the uppers and the rubber is coming out in chunks.   I am just totally surprised.  I never expected this from a good pair of Timberland PROs at all.

I have written an email and tweeted Timberland and TimberlandPRO and am hoping that they will respond.  I would like to have the boots replaced with a like pair.  I don’t care about the money, and don’t want any money back, just replace the boots and leave me feeling good about the company and their warranty practices.

I did take them in to the Kittery Trading Post , where I had bought them originally, but they begged off dealing with me and directed me to file a “warranty claim form” directly with Timberland.  This would mean sending the boots back to Timberland’s claim center in Kentucky for them to examine.  I felt this was a big process to go through when there was a manufacturer’s representative (the KTP) right here that could have -and should have- just replaced them on the spot.  But since I didn’t have a freaking receipt they wouldn’t deal with me.  Who keeps a receipt on a pair of boots you bought a year ago?  Not me.  But I will keep things like that from now on.  I can easily toss big ticket item receipts into my file in the office or into my jewelry box in the bedroom and keep them until the warranty’s are expired at least.  I do keep receipts for all of my electronic equipment in a file in my office, along with directions and warranty info on the items.  I also keep a household file of receipts for things like the stove, furnace and all the work done on those things.  So it will be easy enough to keep a receipt on a stupid pair of work boots.

So, we will see what happens now that I have contacted Timberland directly about the boots and the issues I have with them.  Will they respond?  Will they be eager to please the customer (me)?  Will they stand behind their product?  We will see.  I hope to hear from them in a timely fashion at least.

Have you ever dealt with a large company on a warranty issue?  What has your experience been?  Do you think that social media and posting about things like this on social media has any influence in getting the problems solved?  I both posted on Facebook and Tweeted Timberland about these boots.  I  wonder if it will do any good.

Have a great Monday!  Peace!  ~MB



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  1. Unfortunately, the quality of their boots has gone downhill. I suspect your old pair was not made in China. I use to wear Carharrt boots. Loved them…comfy and no break in period. Within a year, the sole separated from the uppers. Happened to all three pairs I had. Guess what? They stopped making them. There are American made boots out there, but they are wicked expensive. I wear boots from LL Bean now. I have an old pair that were made in Italy. They are still going strong. The newer pairs are made in Romania and haven’t held up as well, but at least Beans will replace them. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to cough up $300 to $400 for a pair of boots.
    Good luck with Timberland.

  2. That is freaky after only a year that they would separate like that. I’m guessing it’s something like what YankeeDragon said above, that they were made in China and the quality has gone down hill. I have dealt with warranty issues with big companies before but they usually want you to send the product in to them with a copy of the receipt. Since shoes aren’t serial numbered it’s impossible to tell how old they are. It’s possible that they might take digital pictures thru an email exchange as enough proof to send you a new pair. I had an issue with a Waterpik toothbrush that we bought and they sent me a new one with a label to send them back the old one in the same box. It took a little bit of persistence on my part but they did do the right thing in the end. Good luck with Timberland.

  3. I am sad to hear this. A lot of consumer products are going downhill because companies want to make everything cheaper and because they want the consumer to have to buy more product faster. Hopefully you can get these replaced.

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