Poignant Moments

There are those moments in our lives that live in our memories forever.  Sometimes they even change us or define who we become.  We all have them.  It’s part of living life.

Moments like the falling of the Twin Towers, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the election of Donald Trump will definitely fall into this category.

I will remember that sinking feeling that I had watching the election results roll in last November 8th and 9th.  I remember thinking that we are doomed.  We just elected the most racist and narcissistic man; a tv reality star, to the presidency of the United States.  This man will represent the world’s last super power.  He’s promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US, to have a registry for immigrants from particular countries, to reverse Roe vs. Wade, and to basically dismantle our political landscape one tree at a time.

WE are watching history unfold before our eyes and we are helpless – or so it feels – to do much about it.  I feel somewhat frozen in time.  It’s like we have the world the way it is right now, and then we will have a very different world once this dude takes office.

I hear people say “wait an see” what he does.  Well, if his choice picks for his cabinet are any indication I would say that he’s lining up a team that is going to rip this country apart, literally.  He’s appointing big business executives, 4 star generals and blatantly racist advisors to help him do this.  I don’t believe he knows – or even has a vague idea – what he is doing in Washington, DC.  He’s trying to run our country like an off-shore corporation; without rules or regulations.  He wants to change laws, change the constitution and take us backwards 50 or more years.

Yes, people are going to get rich.  It’s already happening with the stock market getting the “Trump Bump” and large corporations like Goldman Sacs seeing their stocks up by 20% or more.  But at who’s expense?  You won’t see a raise in the general paychecks of typical Americans.  That’s reserved for the elite and chosen.

And people are going to get hurt.  Muslim immigrants will be subjected to registering simply because they are Muslim.  This reeks of interment camps and scarlet letters.  Same sex marriage is in serious jeopardy with many of his appointees being against it.  Our health care system, albeit not perfect, will be dismantled and leave millions without any sort of safety net.  Clean air and water are in serious jeopardy and will be at the mercy of big gas and oil companies levying to “drill baby drill”.  People of color have already witnessed a huge uptick in racist attacks and fear the worst as more cabinet picks seem to lean heavily toward white supremist thinking.

Yes, it’s a scary scary time to be an American living in America.  When we wake up on January 20th our world will make a radical shift.  The America as we know it will cease to exist, and we will be at the mercy of this TV reality star who won office with the least popular vote EVER.  I suspect that people will protest this fact more after they see what he is going to do to America.  AT some point even people who voted for him will see the shallowness of this incoming administration.  Our country sits in a delicate balance and we are coming to a tipping point.  He’s talking big talk about “Making America Great Again” which will translate into lining his pockets with billions of dollars from illegal trade deals and political witchcraft.

America will be great alright.  It will be the great debacle of the world.  Politics as we know it will cease to exist.  Our rights will be threatened, and we will be forced to look long and hard at what we have done; at what is really means to have this man sitting in the highest office of our land.  The days of any kind of translucence are gone.  Deals will happen behind closed doors, with secret agreements and deceptive practices.  Mark my words.  Trump is not about letting on about what he has planned, as we’ve seen from his lack of press conferences and his limiting the media’s access to himself.  He’s more interested in shameless self-promotion, Tweeting hateful comments, bringing down his opponents by Tweeting misinformation about them, and doing things “his way,” than he is in promoting the real good of America.

I will be saddened if we lose ground in the continuous quest for truly equal rights.  It will kill me to see our park lands go to privatization, in the thirst for fossil fuels.  I will be enraged at blatant racism, sexism, homophobia and misogyny as it’s sure to raise it’s ugly tentacles across America stemming directly from his official appointments to the highest offices in the land.  I will be angry to see our military crippled with budget cuts and the scrapping of vital programs like the F-35.  I will feel badly for those who will lose their jobs across borders due to corporate greed for higher profits and lower wages.

 Despite all of these feelings that I have, it is the feeling that I must stand up and be active to somehow have my voice heard; to have the voices of the millions affected heard.  Donald Trump may indeed take office, but it won’t be without much protest and adue.  And I for one will be on the front lines fighting for what I believe is right.  



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  1. for the first time I have to say I hope what you are saying does not happen. to find America thrust back years and all the hard work that has been done towards equal rights undone, makes me scared.

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