Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest

I protest!  Yes, I protest many things.  But right now I am actively protesting the election of Trump to the presidency of the US.  I can’t even f*&King  believe that this idiotic, racist pig got into office like he did.  He obviously has gotten himself into something that he is neither capable of nor wishes to really do.  That’s apparent in his actions.  He’s still Tweeting like a mad man, not acting presidential at all. He chooses to bicker on Twitter with people when he should be in his daily security briefings – of which he has attended only 2 since his winning the position!!!  Disgraceful and disgusting.

I protest his election at all.  He received the least amount of popular votes of any person to ever run and win.  I protest the electoral college, it’s not representative of the popular vote at all, and while I understand why this is and how the college works, I don’t agree with it at all.  Yes, dammit, I protest!!!

I protest that he’s appointing a full cabinet of ultra rich and uber white supremists to offices of my government.  These people – for the most part – have very little political saavy or experience.  Sure, they run big corporations – Like Exxon Mobil – but that’s far different from being secretary of commerce.  Those offices, in my opinion, need people with political expertise that know how to maneuver and operate in this multi-cultural world that we live in.

In January there is a Million Woman March on Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration – which ought to be a media circus anyway.  This is more of a protest of the election of the Great Orange One to the presidency.  Women are scared.  They’re afraid of losing ground in their fight for equality, which continues every day.  They’re afraid he’ll trample on their reproductive rights, try to tell them what they can and can’t do with their own bodies.  They’re afraid he will deport their families and friends back to very hostile countries and into horrifying circumstances.  They’re afraid he will use their religion to continue to belittle them and poison people’s minds against them.  They’re afraid they won’t have healthcare at all if he kills planned parenthood and other women-specific clinical programs.

Yes, everyone is afraid of something bad coming their way when he takes office.  Hell, he about blew Boeing’s market standing out of the water with a Tweet about them building “4 BILLION DOLLAR” planes (Air Force Ones).  He has no idea what he’s talking about, and no awareness of how harmful his ill conceived Tweets are or can be.  here’s the man who is about to hold the highest office in the land playing around on Twitter.  Great use of his time, dontcha think?  Yeah, I protest that he’s even allowed to have a Twitter account as president.

Problem is that no one can help this man. He will do what he wants, when he wants.  He will Tweet us into a war.  He will continue to spew hateful things, be racist, misogynist, homophobic and culture phobic as long as it garners him attention – and he likes any kind of attention, whether it’s positive or negative. A true narcissist he is.

Trump will encounter many like me who will protest against his hate rhetoric, who will fight to keep America free and who will stand up for equality and tolerance.  We are legion.  And we will continue this protest for as long as he’s in office – which I pray is only 4 years.  I think that once people see that he’s not going to be anything but bad for this country, both here and globally, that his “base” will continue to shrink and he’ll be far less popular.



5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Protest

  1. The electoral college may save us on Dec. 19 by refusing to elect Trump.
    AskTheElectors.org is a site set up to contact electors with letters exactly like this. You can post it as public (over 25,000 as of last night) or private (over 139,000 letters so far).

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  2. Well as I see it, we are going to have a two year old in office soon. Problem with that is we cant put him in time out. I am sure he is bound to tweet government policies at some point. The man has no filter at all and no clue about etiquette in such a position. In all of my years on this planet I have never seen such a farce as this election. It makes me wonder just how much our vote means. As women we have a lot to lose and should be worried. We have spent years fighting for the rights concerning our own bodies and I fear we will lose those rights quickly.
    China and North Korea are countries that I worry about. One bad call and we will find ourselves in another World War, that would mean the draft would be put back in force. Since the death count of our military is no longer reported by the media as it was during Viet Nam the public has little reference as to how many lives have been already been lost. Those numbers would have to be replaced. I am not willing to relive knowing that men and women are dying over a bad decision.
    For those that think Pres. Elect Trump will be their answer to economic gain, I fear they will be disappointed and I fear what will happen to our country, Going to be a horrid 4years. If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it.


    1. Bert, Why are you not blogging!? You are such a great writer here! I agree with you on all points, we are in desperate trouble. We’ve all got to be very aware and very proactive in our fight to maintain our current rights as they are! Yes, it’s going to be a horrid 4 years –if he lasts THAT long! ~MB


      1. you are too kind. I am just an old hen that likes to ramble. you on the other hand are a writer…remember that book we were talking about? I will still buy the first copy lol

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