I’m Having a Scentsy Party!

I’m wondering if everyone is this busy during the holiday season! I have been outrageously busy, and it’s just starting!  Today is December 2nd and I have spent the afternoon (after I got out of work) preparing for a party that I am having here tomorrow.  I am actually hosting a Scentsy party here at my house at around 3pm.

Scentsy is an international leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

The products offered by Scentsy are awesome wax warmers and all of the fragrances of waxes to melt in the warmers.  They also offer diffusers, and a wide range of products ranging in price from $2. to $120.  There are products for everyone!  I have several of the wax warmers around my house and they keep the place smelling great.  I keep on with the lavender wax in my bedroom, and it offers up a very relaxing fragrance that I love in there.   .

I’m not really the “type” to have these kinds of parties, but my cousin Laurie is a consultant and I am hosting the party to help her get her Scentsy business off the ground.  I’ve been to other Scentsy parties and have been buying the products for years myself.  I love the wax bars and the incredible variety of fragrances available through this company.  Plus the wax bars last a LOT longer than the ones that you get through the corporate big box stores.  I like keeping my business as local as possible, and buying from friends and relatives is always nice.  And even this Butch loves things that make my atmosphere smell and feel great.

If any of you are interested in the Scentsy products please contact me via my personal email at mainelybutch@yahoo.com and I will be happy to get your personal order in with my party order.  All orders will be shipped in time for you to give them as Christmas and Hanukah gifts.  The car air fresheners are great small gifts for just about anyone, and priced under $5.00!

So I have all of the food prepared and ready to put the final touches on before the party. My fridge is full tonight!  I got the wine chilling, plenty of ice, and all of the fixing for a nice little gathering. I’ve invited all of the women in my circle of family and friends, many of which haven’t seen my new place since I moved her a year ago tomorrow!  HEY!!!!  Tomorrow, Dec. 3rd, is my 1 year anniversary of living my new place!!!  This JUST NOW dawned on me.

I love my little place here.  I’ve really made a nice little home here for myself and my dogs.  This place has such character with it’s hardwood floors and nice layout.  I have a great office room with windows on all three sides where I can retreat to to write and take care of paperwork.  Yes, this is my sanctuary.  My home.

This is the front door and entrance to my house. I’ve decorated it for Christmas as you can see…keeping it clean and simple with the lighted snowflakes that can easily stay up through January.

Peace.   ~MB


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