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What a Great Christmas!

It's almost 6pm on Christmas Day and I am home spending the final hours of this wonderfilled day with myself and my dogs - both of who are completely exhausted and are crashed hard on the couch in little heaps of very tired dogs.  They had a grand time today. This has been a Christmas… Continue reading What a Great Christmas!

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New Blog Website

Dear Readers, as you know I have been blogging here on WordPress for years now, spouting off on everything I have any experience or knowledge of, sometimes good sometimes badly. I am in the process of constructing a new dot com website, separate from WordPress.  It's a process, and I am learning how to set… Continue reading New Blog Website

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Trumpy Tweets Nuclear Policy Change

Trump and his Tweets!  When a US president, or in this case a president-elect, speaks the whole world listens.  Yesterday he basically blew 40 years of nuclear policy work out of the fucking water by tweeting Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 19h19 hours ago The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until… Continue reading Trumpy Tweets Nuclear Policy Change

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Timberland PRO Work Boots

I am freak about good boots.  I love a good pair of work boots in particular.  I've always worn them, since I was a teenager.  And I have to say that every pair have been Timberland's.  I have never waivered in my loyalty to the Timberland brand because they have always been the very best of… Continue reading Timberland PRO Work Boots

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All that and a woman, too

This is a SPECTACULAR piece relating to Butch/femme relationships. I really enjoyed this and can fully relate! Please read and comment! ~MB

Purple Sage

Sometimes lesbians are asked “If you are attracted to someone who looks like a man, why not just be with a man?” Luckily I have never been asked this ridiculous question, but I see it being brought up by lesbian writers on a regular basis, so there are obviously some dummies still asking it. I have been pondering what my answer would be. If I love masculinity on women, then why don’t I like men? Of course, there is a really obvious answer to that question, which is I’m not interested in men because I’m a lesbian, duh. But you know me, I never answer a question with only one sentence.

To answer this question, I’m actually going to quote a commenter from an earlier thread who made a comment about how a butch lesbian is “all that and a woman too.” Her comment can be found here

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