Some Photos & a Blurb….

Some photos of my simple life.  My dogs, Lulu the teacup Pomeranian, and Nola the Chiweenie, me and my Mom and my Christmas cactus which is in bloom this morning.

I’m off to pick up the new pedestal bed I bought for the spare bedroom and to do some other errands today.  It’s looking like it might snow.  I hope not!  I have to check on Mom’s dogs a couple of times today as they are driving up to Strong to a family funeral and I elected not to attend this time.  I just attended one up there 2 weeks ago, it’s sad that we’ve lost 3 extended family members in the last 3 weeks, back to back losses.  Very tragic turn of events for my family up in Strong.

It’s my Saturday off.  I love my days off.  Decorating for Christmas is in the plan, of course, and getting ready for my Scentsy party which is a week from today.  I have quite a few people coming over to the house for that party. I’m pretty excited about having everyone over.  Scentsy is a seller of scented wax warmers and scented waxes, for those who are unfamiliar.  The stuff is just awesome.  I use my warmers all the time to keep it smelling nice in the house.  Right now I have a lavender wax in the bedroom warmer and a eucalyptus mint in the one in the kitchen/living room area.  I really like the homey smells.

I’m trying hard to digest the news lately with a grain of salt.  While I am vigilant and dedicated to working toward peace and progress, I need to take a break once in awhile.  So I am focusing on the holiday season, preparing for upcoming parties and on myself.  I’ve been chatting with Beach Girl a bit.  I really like her and hope we can meet in January, after my birthday week.  Yup, I am going to turn the big 55 in January!  I can’t believe I am this old!  I think I am going to have a party for this one.  At least I want to, but being born after the holiday is hard because people are just partied out by January.  But I may have to force my family to have a party for me anyway, LOL!

Ok, I must start my day!  I hope you all have a very nice Saturday!  Peace!  ~MB




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