Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, a holiday for most of us.  For me it’s a day that I spend with those closest to me, those who I love and care for deeply like my family and close friends.  I had to work today before going to dinner at my sister’s place.  I didn’t mind really because I went in early in the morning and got out at 1 pm.  People were generally nice as they came through the store and truckers who were stuck at our location all seemed cheerful.  Many came in for liquor for their parties as we are an agency liquor store as well.  Buying liquor always makes people cheerful I have found.

Many of us working poor had to work today. We often do jobs that are needed everyday of the year, like cashiers, housekeepers, hotel staff, waiters, coffee servers, etc.  My store is open 24/7/365, never does it close.  The convenience to the public by us being forced open is something most people take for granted.  They don’t always stop to consider that it’s he employees who work the odd hours and sacrifice their own time with family on holidays who pay the price.

My best friend works for Dunkin Donuts –which is open very long hours and everyday of the year.  Today they closed at 1pm so people could go be with their respective families.  It was a great gesture to close early.  She told me that they were slammed all day right up til noon.  Then she told me a horrible story…of a man who obviously is a very big bigot.

Seems he came to the location and found the door !locked and several employees inside finishing up before going home.  The man was a white man in his 60s and he had a virtual temper tantrum outside the locked glass door.  He began shouting g through the glass and kicking the door violently.  He was screaming and red faced because they were closed early for the holiday.  He continued, banging the door with fists, his feet and even his head.  Swearing at employees about him having to drive 2 more hours and his need for coffee.  Reluctantly the manager, an Asian woman in her mid 30s let him inside.  Once inside he continued to throw a fit because he had to wait while they brewed him a special pot of coffee.  They had cleaned up everything and were preparing to leave when he showed up.  He was livid that it wasn’t immediately ready for him and he proceeded to belittle the manager, calling her a “gook” and swearing at her to no end.  My friend stepped up and confronted him finally saying enough is enough, and telling him that his behavior was unacceptable and offensive then he turned his aggression to her, belittling her and calling her names.  All of this from a 60something man who chose to act like a denied child.  When he got his coffee he took it and refused to pay for it and left the store.  I only hope that whoever made it spit in it before putting on the lid.  He deserved to wear it in my opinion and I am glad that I wasn’t there, I would have dumped it in his lap.  Quite a story huh?  Nice way to treat hardworking people on a holiday.  I know I was really upset and angry when I heard the whole story.  He sure showed his ass and his high and mighty white privilege.  I’m betting he voted for Trump and feels righteous in calling people!e who don’t fit the upper class white profile names and berating them.  Disgusting.

Even on holidays you can’t ignore racism, sexism and male chauvanism.  My friend tried to stand tall and tell him to ease up that he was offending people and he blatantly declared she was white trash and should just shut up.  He’s very lucky she acted professionally and didn’t kick his fucking ass, which she very well could have done.  I am proud of her.

On a happier note, the day was very nice for me.  I only encountered one asshole at work and I got to leave at 1pm to go be with my family.  I had a really great time and a delicious turkey dinner, completed with pumpkin pie for dessert.  We had holiday celebration “poppers” which when you pulled the ends out straight would POP and spray confetti all over you.  Inside was a funny crown to wear and a little trinket as a prize.  We had a blast with them!!  Everyone around the table was wearing crowns and had little turkey and pumpkin trinkets hanging from their ears, yeah we were a silly bunch.  AND politics never came up, much to my delight and relief.

Tomorrow (Friday) I work the morning shift, get off at 1 again and am going to bring all of my Christmas decorations in from the shed in preparation for displaying them and decorating the house and free.  I was planning to put up the tree on Saturday night while listening to Christmas music and getting into the mood.  But I am thinking that I may do it tomorrow night instead, as I really have nothing else planned.  Linda is going to join me for the decorating festivities. It’s really great t Ave her company t do this like this with.  I love having such a good friend.

I hope every one had a great day no matter where you are or if you had a holiday or not. Peace.   –MB

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Ang! Glad to hear you had a good day.

    I would not have opened the door for that man at Dunkin Donuts. That only rewards his disgusting behavior. Plus anyone acting like that could be dangerous to me and my employees. No way. In fact, I probably would have told him that if he didn’t leave I’d be calling the police. There is no excuse for his behavior.

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  2. Since Trump’s election, the brake on people’s mouths has been removed. I run a tiny PO in Aroostook County and in the space of two days last week, I had a woman come in and, in the course of a causal conversation, say she was looking forward to be able to shoot Muslims from her front porch. The next day, a old white man, whom I’ve never seen before, segued from talking about his truck to saying he can’t wait till that N—– is out of the White House. I lived in Virginia for years and never heard that word in public. The two times I have heard it was here in Maine.

    We are living in dangerous times and those of us who are “different ” need to exercise extra caution. This racism, homophobia, etc was always there and the explosion of white nationalism has emboldened them. I concur with Lesboi, I would NEVER open a door to a violent person.

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