Thanksgiving and Politics

I am becoming more alarmed as the days tick by…soon enough Trump will be sworn in as POTUS and I fear that day.  He’s surrounding himself with white nationalists, known racists and Nazi sympathizers.  As I heard today ” they’ve gone from wearing white hoods to business suits.”.  Which is exactly what I am seeing.  Emboldened by their new “leader” these outspoken haters are poised to basically take over in January.  I am very concerned and worried about what this means for all Americans; for civil rights, women’s rights, the LGBTQ fight for equality as well as just for living in the US at all.  I’m seriously afraid that our country will be commandeered by the alt right and a truly hate filled agenda.  How can I not be afraid of this when every days events happening around Trump are so bluntly indicating that this is the direction that he is determined to take us?

My best friend is sick of hearing about it.  She says she’s tired of watching it on the news.  She’s a straight white woman in working class America who’s upbringing was southern based.  She obviously sees this a bit different from me. It upsets me that she feels so overwhelmed by it all that she wants to play ostrich and keep her head in the sand.  But she is entitled to think for herself and to do what’s best for her.  Personally I need to KNOW what is going on so that I am semi-prepared for what is to come.  I watch the news and various commentary to stay well informed.   Because I think it’s important to be well informed.

I am going to meet later today with a couple of people from the LGBTQ community who are trying to organize groups around the country of people to sort of gather, support each other, to speak out and to fight for what we believe in .  The idea is in its infancy but i believe it’s a great idea and want to be involved.  I hope we can build a community that transcends the brewing hatred and bigotry and becomes a force with a voice.

The holiday is on Thursday this week and I am — like many others out there — trying to plan my personal strategy for dealing with my family if politics comes up, which I am most certain it will.  There are Trump supporters in the mix and they know I am a liberal and hate the man.  If things go as they have in the past someone will start making little snide wise cracks about the “tree hugging liberals” and I will begin to silently fume.  I have tried to educate in the past to no avail.  I am preparing myself for what could be a very aggravating day.  My only hope would be if my Mom declares it a politics free zone…even then they will gloat.  I know other people will have it even more rough.  One woman on Facebook was saying her parents told her she could not park her car at their house with the HTC sticker on it on Thanks giving because they believe that sodomy is an abomination and they won’t have it at their house.  She’s an ally, and the parents are evangelical in nature.  Yup, it will be a hard day for many I am sure.

I hope that YOU have a wonderful holiday.  I’m going to try to make most of mine enjoyable by focusing on love and tolerance.  Are you going to be dining with people of opposite views this Thanksgiving?  How do you handle it if a controversial subject comes up?  Does your family try to understand your views?

Much thanks to you, my dear readers.  May the force be with you .  Peace.  –MB

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Politics

  1. Hi Ang, good post. My Thanksgiving dinner will be rough for my son and I as we will be sitting down to our meal with staunch Trump supporters. We are the only liberals in our family. Yep, the entire family is going to be sitting across from me smiling and waiting for me to look ever so uncomfortable. It will be like sitting on an explosive device and watching the fuse burn down.
    We have already had one blow up with a family member that ended up with hurt feelings on both sides and me being called a bleeding heart liberal. I can be a good girl as long as you play nice and right now it doesn’t take much to set me off. I have a feeling I will be eating more Tums then turkey this Thanksgiving and not feeling thankful for what is ahead.
    With that said I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that your day goes well. Give the girls a hug for me.


  2. I’m fortunate that everyone in my family is like minded and we only have two republicans in our midst, neither of which voted for Trump. I don’t have to worry about wise cracks or gloating but there will be plenty of talk about how screwed we are. Good luck with your support group as well as family dinner. We need to stick together and find support and strength wherever we can. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. Dinner is at my house and they’re all “fellow travelers”. At least no topics will be off limits. I’m also off to a “town hall” meeting tonight at the LGBT Center on WTF we do now, number one on my list is stick together and stop infighting.

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  4. Hi Ang, I remember your Mom, she is quite a sweetheart and quite smart. I think that’s exactly what she will do….or should you give her a little nudge? All the same you have a great Family so have fun. If all else fails, dance, sing or play instruments…

    Do a sing along at the piano….like in the movies..ill be visiting FRAMILY in Pennsylvania with my Bestie…….from the
    Happy holidays…..


  5. Opted out of Thanksgiving with any relations outside my immediate family this year. I’ll be spending the day with my mom at the assisted living center. And I’ve cut off all relatives who are conservative/Republican. I’m totally cool with that. At my age, I don’t give a fuck about upsetting family any more.

    I’m sure you’ve heard of Pantsuit Nation in the Facebook machine. In addition to the national group, there are now state chapters and, in some cases, regional chapters within states. They are doing a good job of sharing action items. You might want to look them up and join forces.


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