Daily Prompt: Ostentatious

via Daily Prompt: Ostentatious

I admit that I had to pull out the Oxford American Dictionary and then had to Google the word: Ostentatious.  Whose meaning is “characterized by vulgar or pretentious displays designed to impress or attract notice.”

I like to learn and I appreciate knowledge and use of unique words like this one.   Researching the various dictionaries and their definition of the word was interesting.  Of course it lead me to other words, like I found the word ” marauder” – and it’s definition of “a person or animal that goes from one place to another looking for people to kill or things to steal or destroy” – in one page.  Words are fantastic.

Unrelated to the title…

Here in Maine it was a gorgeous fall day.  I spent the day doing chores like raking and bagging leaves for removal from my yard.  I also helped a friend do some raking and leaf blowing ( Dad gave me a nice Craftsman blower recently and I love it ) and winterizing her thru-wall air conditioner.  It was a great day.  I filmed a short video of my dogs playing in the leaves that I would post here but it’s currently only available on my cell phone and I am using my tablet to write this post.

After we finished today I felt like having some quiet time alone to read, write and study on my own.  Here’s my set up today…I keep trying to upload a photo of my set up for reading and writing today here but WP keeps refusing to upload the image I took.  Guess it will have to wait until I once again have my HP laptop instead of this tablet that I am using at the moment.  Stupid technology glitches!  So aggravating..  I should have the laptop back next week which will make it much easier to write these posts.

If you could see me I am sitting at the dining table surrounded with my “equipment” that I need to relax and write.    I have OK my tablet, my cell phone, several stylus tips, pens, pencils, my coloring and writing journal and a stack of index cards….plus my bottle of water and my smokes.  I’m happy and comfortable being surrounded by these implement that I need to relax, read, study and write.  Pens and pencils make me very happy.  I like the feel of a good pen in my hand and scratching precisely across the paper as I write.  My coloring journal is where I not down thoughts and ideas as well as where I do my handwritten journalling.  I also have beautiful images to color when I need to relax, think and focus on something.  Coloring is a very Zen activity for me and one that I truly enjoy.  I wonder what you do to get set to read or write?   Or am I just weird that I need my surroundings to be just so?

I hope you are all happy and healthy as we enter this coming holiday week.  Peace. — MB


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  1. Hi Ang, hope all goes well in your part of the woods. Ah, words and their meaning…my cup of tea. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and vocabulary, not really to use, but to know what some opponent of mine might be throwing at me lol.
    I don’t follow any special routine when I write, it just happens. I have some annoying traits though. Such as having the compulsion to write a thought down on a napkin in a restaurant, or thinking of something I want to write when I find myself in a situation that isn’t appealing to me…that can get me in a bit of trouble if I’m not careful.
    I am learning that you have a complex mind, full of little tid-bits that make up Angie Lawrence. lol Stay warm

  2. I feel for you not having your laptop. I can’t write these posts on a tablet or phone. I have to have my computer. I don’t have any kind of routine to writing. I just write when I get an idea, but I do prefer to write in the morning with my coffee. I’ve been known, though, to write a post at work if I get an idea and have to put it on here.

    Thanks for sharing the definition for marauder. My half brother was a tail gunner in a Marauder bomber in WWII (hard to believe, but true, I promise). The name of that plane is very appropriate and I’d never thought to look it up.

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