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2016-11-05-16-16-15I never title my posts until I am finished writing them.  How about you?  Do you start with a title or the body of your post?  It just occurs to me that maybe I am a bit weird in this respect.

It’s a cold day here in southern Maine.  I been freezing all damned day.  I got up this morning a little later than usual for me….I am usually up by 6 am but today I slept until 9.   Have been fighting being cold ever since emerging from my warm, snuggly bed.  I know.  It is November and I should expect to be chilly.  Doesn’t mean I like it though. And you all know Ijust hate winter anyway…and winter is in the air for sure.  T may even snow today.

I took some time today and stopped at the barber shop and got a nice fresh haircut.  It feels great to have it shaved back to my normal Butch style. Tips #3 blade on top and a #1.5 blade on the sides and back.  Squared off and edged out nicely.  Nothing makes me feel better about myself like a good visit to the barber. I did grow it out to about 3 inches on top….but it was driving me crazy. I do much better with my normal crew cut.  I was not meant to sport longer locks.

I’ve been doing much better this past week.  Been feeling a lot better and have had a good week all around.   Spent a good deal of my days working, which was okay.  I spent some needed time with my Mom and I got things done.

I’ve been chatting with a very sweet woman that I know. I am pretty shy but I’m trying hard. I struggle with letting people get too close to me sometimes.  Hell, all the time!  I am afraid of getting too close and getting hurt yet again. I have stayed clear of online stuff for a good long time now.  The last time I got my heart handed to me it was someone I met online.  I don’t care to repeat that episode. I’ve also decided that you can’t get back together with anyone.  Once you split up its over .  Getting back together is akin to trying to put crap back where it comes from…and that is just impossible.  Thus I am moving into new territory. I am enjoying my current situation and chatting with the new girl.  I do hope it is something I can build on and take a bit further. It would be great to have a steady woman in my life.

Lulu and Nola are doing quite well.  Lu’s itching issue is a bit better with the use of some benadryl and some hydrocortisone spray as a topical treatment. Thanks to those who replied to my blog about the problem.  I have done a lot of research and have concluded it is a dermatitis caused by her being allergic to something. I am just not sure what it issues reacting to. I gather her in a tea tree shampoo which helped her quite a bit.  And whatever it is is not affecting Nola at all, which is great.

The presidential election is this coming Tuesday.  I have very mixed feelings about it. Will be really glad when it’s over…I think.  I am petrified about the possibility of the outcome if Trump gets elected.  I am afraid he will piss off the whole world and make us look like fools.  Not that he hassn’t already done that byeverunning on his platform of hate.  If he’s elected I also fear how much war he will involve us in around the globe.  If she gets in office I am also not sure how I will feel. It’s a battle for sure.  Pour country is perched on the great divide at the moment.

Recently I bought a used Pontiac Grand Prix car.  Now I am not sure about it. I’ve discovered that it’s going to cost me quite a bit to put it on the road and funds are tight right now.  With winter upon me and oil bills coming soon I just can’t afford another big expense .  Social considering selling the car at a profit.  I bought it very cheap in a fast sale from a friend.  I know I can sell I for quite a bit more.  Selling it could help me out with some current bills and oil purchases this winter.  It’s probably my best bet.  I will take a good picture of it and list of online this week most likely.

I have been hanging out with my good friend Linda a lot lately.  It’s nice to have someone around to talk to and to prepare meals with and do fun things with.  She is a very straight friend, which is something I don’t even care about because shesjust a good soul to be around. We do lots of stuff together like visit the thrift stores and ride around town to do errands together.

I am fully back on my hiv meds once again.  That could have something to do with me feeling better as some of the meds are my anti depressants. I have set up my alarm on my phone to remind me to take them and I located my med holders to places where I am reminded too. Ts a bitch to have to take these meds all the time but I was reminded this last week that they are giving me a second chance and also aid in keeping me healthy. My next test and doctors appointment is in December.

OK friends, followers and cyber stalkers I have filled you in on most everything for this week.  I shall wrap it up here and go to co some chicken quesadillas for dinner.  I hope you all have a great time this week!  Remember to go VOTE on Tuesday!  Peace.  –MB


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  1. Ang whenever I write I never have a title until nearly done. I envy those that can come up with it right off. Now that I am having a bit of a problem with memory I find it hard even following an outline…all of which frustrates me to no end.
    Colder here too. In fact I am sitting in front of my big windows wrapped in a shawl…good heavens I am turning into my Gran! lol I dread, no hate the thought of snow heading our way soon. But there is nothing to be done about it, so I will grin and count the days until Spring.
    Glad you are feeling better and that you are speaking to someone again. Good luck.
    Election, ugh. I voted early and am not really pleased with my choice, but I really don’t want Trump in office. Just a few more days and we will see the outcome.
    Keep smiling Ang, life is special, even when we feel it isn’t.

  2. i have to start with title first,i have the attention span of a squirrel so the title serves as way for me to kinda stay on topic.

    i am so happy to hear you are on the mend, you look good, very handsome , I am hoping against hope that we get a mild winter, i’m just getting too old for the bitter cold, time to look south for warmer winters , i have applied for my passport, pretty much waiting to see the out come of your elections before i start seriously looking into a cabin or piece of property I could park a camper trailer on and leave it year round in Arizona , i’d like to spend my winters there then come back to Canada in the spring.

    it is really good that you are getting out and visiting with your friend and not shutting yourself in all the time , sometimes it can be quite profitable to buy a vehicle cheap and flip it for a profit , if that grand prix happens to be the 442 grand prix, your profits should be very very good , i don’t know why everyone covets those cars, the body style i guess , or the fact it can haul ass .

    you will probably be horrified to know that half of Canada is hoping Trump wins , and pretty much everyone is saying if he does, they hope he can at least scare our government into helping Canadians first, or rockstar PM is failing badly , we can not impeach him like you can do to Trump , Canadians are saying they hope Trump walks into Canada and makes us the 51st State … i don’t want that, but i see where they are coming from, Canada is going down the shitter rapidly because we have a globalist who believes in no borders for a PM … Hillary is a Globalist , I really don’t know who is the lesser of two evils trump or her. i have no actual opinion either lol .

    take good care of yourself my friend, and don’t stress yourself over the elections, i doubt trump will win, he appeals to extremists not the average citizen, and i know the USA is not full of extremists, the folks down south are right nice folks .

  3. Hi, I’m so happy that the dogs are doing well and that all seems well with you these days. You are right about breakups and trying to fix them… oh it works for a minute and then its worse by far just before you’re all done and over. Why can’t our hearts let us face the END? Why must we prolong the death of something that hit the skids and had become free falling? Humans, we are an odd bunch! I don’t think there is a real answer as to WHY? You, (we all) have to love ourselves enough to move forward to what might be best for ourselves. I think that when friendships breakup it’s the same thing on a smaller level of course… when it’s over? It’s over and rarely can a person trust again to let a close “used to be” friend back in again.

    Your words sound so healing and accepting of moving forward. We can’t close ourselves off to new things that might be in our future. I used to hate when people would say “When one door closes another will open.” I like to now think of it as when a door closes a window of opportunity opens! Having patience is the worst part of waiting for the opportunity to love again!! Walking through a field of Dandelions to find a Rose is quite the struggle. Sure Dandelions are beautiful but the fragrance and beauty of a Rose is so much more desirable and appealing. Still waiting to find my Rose after 25+ years and I haven’t given up yet LOL It’s all about remaining positive and surrounding yourself with positive friends and family. I know you may have heard all this before… I’m just reminding you or anyone who might read this… you have to keep busy, do good things for yourself or for others along the way but most of all? Believe in the value of YOU and always remember that in any loving relationship, you are the PRIZE! 🙂 Because I can tell you now that the other person thinks THEY are.

    Being alone is something I don’t mind now because I know its ok to be alone and somewhat enjoyable not to be responsible for another person, its being lonely that is not acceptable. Big difference between being alone and being lonely… which I’m not and I have friends and family to thank for that. 🙂 I hope you find your Rose soon!

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