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Butch Christmas Stuff

ITs common around this time of year to hear partners of Butches - usually in my experience our femme counterparts - ask what to get their badass Butch for Christmas. Of course if they are asking for something specific  or special then your job should be pretty easy.  You just have to figure out if… Continue reading Butch Christmas Stuff

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Last of November

It's that last day of November, wow has this month flown by!  It feels like just yesterday it was early September.  It's raining here in Maine and it's cold.  I am just thankful that it's not snowing!  I know that snow is inevitable but the longer we go without it the happier I am.  … Continue reading Last of November

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The Truth Hurts Sometimes

I've met more than one woman in my life journey that could not handle all of the technicalities of being with me.  I admit, I am not easy to process.  I have a bit of a troubled history.  Don't read me wrong, I'm a good person with some high morals and ethics, but I've taken… Continue reading The Truth Hurts Sometimes

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Thanksgiving and Politics

I am becoming more alarmed as the days tick by...soon enough Trump will be sworn in as POTUS and I fear that day.  He's surrounding himself with white nationalists, known racists and Nazi sympathizers.  As I heard today " they've gone from wearing white hoods to business suits.".  Which is exactly what I am seeing.… Continue reading Thanksgiving and Politics