Itchy Lulu

3 thoughts on “Itchy Lulu

  1. She’s probably having allergies. Talk to your vet about giving her a prescription for an allergy pill or whether you can give her some Benadryl. Also, if she has a particular spot that itches you can spray it with Benadryl spray to help it stop itching so much. My dog has bad allergies and they really kick into high gear in the spring and fall seasons.


  2. She has dermatitis. Go get some dandruff shampoo, probably T-Gel (or store brand version). You can even try head and shoulders. Do it soon before her hair starts falling out. This is often a condition that occurs with the change of seasons from heat to cold and back again. Good luck and let me know. Any name brand should do it if you don’t want to try the no name brand. Take care!

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