Just a Ramble of Sorts…

Well now, summer is finally over and I’m super ready for fall. The morning air is so much more crisp and chilly, mid-day it’s warm but not overly so, and by evening it’s been an almost perfectly temperature day in my opinion.  I could repeat days like this over and over forever as far as […]

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Itchy Lulu

Poor little Lulu has veey itchy skin evidently.  No bugs  no fleas. Jjust. Itches terrible.  I dont know what to do for her.  I gave her a bath in a n oatmeal moisturizing  shampoo but still she itches.  Anyone got any suggestions??

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Hello Readers

I have been absent from the internet for some amount of time now and haven’t been writing or posting anywhere save for the occasional Facebook entry. I feel like I should apologize here to my followers.  I have several explanations for my absence actually.  Right now I am using my Acer tablet to write this […]

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