Saying Good-bye

A friend of mine passed away last Tuesday.  Kay Thompson taught me much about the horses that I loved so much. She was an icon in the Morgan horse world, a grand champion owner and a spokesman for the breed.  Back when I was in my LTR I worked often at her farm cleaning stalls and working with the horses.  In exchange she paid me a modest amount and gave me riding lessons on her impeccably trained steeds.  Kay was the owner of Broadfield’s Highover Morgan Farm in Eliot, Maine.  A great mentor, teacher and friend to me.  She will be missed very much by all who’s lives she touched.  While I didn’t see her much in the last few years here, I rode by her place almost daily and thought of her often. I remember riding by and having her wave and smile many times.

So today at 5pm I will visit Pelkey’s and pay my respects to Kay’s family.  I am sure I will see many others who will be there to do the same, some I will know and many I will not, because she touched so many hundreds of lives in her many years in this world and on the Morgan horse circuit.

The world will miss Kay…she was a wonderful gift to us all and will make a most excellent angel in Heaven.

Link to Kay’s Obituary

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