Thursday Thoughts….

It’s a crisp, chilly Thursday morning and I am up early and ready to go.  Got a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning.  Going to start a new program to try to get myself back on track.  I’m feeling good, albeit a bit anxious about this appointment.  I am finally getting over the bronchitis that has been with me the last 3 weeks.  And my voice is finally back to normal – whatever normal is for this rough, raspy voiced Butch.   At least I can talk again, for a week there I was having trouble even talking at all, as I had completely lost my voice to the cough from the bronchitis.

Lulu and Nola are doing well.  Lu seems back to normal.  It’s still very scary for me to think that it could happen again.  I’m less nervous about it than I was initially, but still that thought is stuck in my mind. She’s so precious to me.  The vet bills from this incident will keep me in debt to my sister for some time….oy vey.  Thank God she was there to help me though or this would have been a very different outcome.  And Thank God that Lulu survived and is thriving now.

I picked two of the pumpkins from my garden and put them on the front stoop of my place, along with a little scare crow dude that I picked up at the Christmas Tree Shop in Portsmouth.   I also planted some mini mums and got a big hanging mum to grace the entrance way.  It all looks really good.  I love fall and the decorating.  I love the colors of the oranges, greens and muted tones of yellow and red.  I can’t wait for the leaves to begin to change, that should be something to see this year.

Ok, I’m off to the doctor’s office and to have my day.  Perhaps I will write more later, I have a couple of things floating around in my head for topics.  Hope you all have a great day dear readers!   Peace!  ~MB


Author: MainelyButch

I am a pretty relaxed, proud, Butch and a native Mainer who enjoys reading, writing, blogging, vlogging and social interaction. I live in southern Maine, near the coast with my 2 small dogs and I hail from a very large, loving family that is historically rooted here. I write about my life, my experiences, living successfully with HIV, my YouTube experiences, and just about anything that piques my interest. This blog may contain profanity and sexual situations, and is not intended for younger audiences. Read at your own risk. At 54 I see life as just beginning a new chapter, and have decide this is the time that I need to write the stories that got me to this point. I believe we live our lives in chapters, changing, evolving and moving continuously with the times. I love to laugh, have discussions, debates and even the occasional nonsense conversation! I generally enjoy people, but not drama, hatred, ignorance or those who choose to feel they are somehow elite or superior to another simply due to their mere existence. I try to be very conscious of the health of the world around me - environmentally, socially, economically, and ethically. The people who are dear to me know me as having a tough exterior, filled with marshmallow and crunchy peanut butter. I continually strive to be the best I can be, especially to address life head on...always.

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