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An Up-date on the Lulu Crisis…

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you are having a leisurely, relaxed and happy day.  It’s beautiful here, I haven’t even had to kick on the air conditioning units today at all.  Lower humidity combined with a little lower temperature have made for an almost perfect weather-wise day.

Now to the heart of this post:  Lulu.  For those who don’t know, Lulu is my teacup Pomeranian dog and we had a major health scare on Friday.  She literally died on me and had to be revived by the veterinarian.  And let me tell ya, it was one quick trip to that vet office in town!  Luckily I got her there in time and she was able to be  brought back with CPR and intensive vet care.

Lulu then spent the night at the Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital in Portsmouth New Hampshire, which is just over the bridge from where we live in Southern Maine.  At the PCVRH, they had her in the critical care unit and did extensive treatments and testing.  Happily their treatments worked and she survived, and is thriving now.  The unfortunate part of this whole thing is A-that it happened, and B-we don’t know WHY or WHAT caused this to happen.  So I am petrified that it will happen again, and if it happens when I am not here it could be a fatal event.  That scares me and makes me sad too.

I picked Lu up at the hospital at 10am Saturday. She was soooo happy to see me; all wiggly and trying to jump from the technicians arms to get to me.  You would never know that a mere 18 hours earlier that this little dog lay dead in my arms….it was a miraculous that she survived and recovered as she did.  And it was all thanks to the veterinarians at the Kittery Animal Hospital and the Port City Referral Hospital, their professionalism and care and modern medicine.  Also, much credit for keeping me in one piece during this whole horrible ordeal goes to my friend Jen and my sister Patricia.  They were my anchors in the storm so to speak.   I am especially indebted to my sister, who helped me financially cover this sudden, tragic event.  I do have Trupanion pet insurance on Lulu, thankfully, but I have a $1000 deductible, and then they reimburse me 90% of costs after that.  So I had to pay up-front and will have to file the claim to be reimbursed.  The outcome and choices may have had to be very different if I had not had the insurance and the help from my sister, God Bless her.

At this point Lulu is stable and doing quite well.  We don’t know if this will happen again because we don’t have the answers as to what caused this episode.  She will be going to see a neurologist in the near future.  I am researching which one of the two recommended I will be going to see.  It’s either the sister clinic to Port City, which is called MVRH (Mass. Veterinary Referral Hospital) in Woburn, Massachusetts or MVMC (Maine Veterinary Medical Center) in Scarborough Maine.   I have a letter of referral for the insurance company and since it’s part of the care for the same condition/incident whatever it costs will be covered at the 90% figure.  Again, I cannot say enough how lucky and happy I am that I kept this sort of emergency medical insurance on Lulu, and I recommend that everyone with a pet check out and get the catastrophic coverage at least.  My coverage on Lulu is only $21. a month, less than a buck a day.  I can’t stress enough how much peace of mind this can be.

Nola seems happy to have Lu back.  Even though she is a real pain sometimes to Nola.  She really loves Nola and likes to play with her, which sometimes is not what Nola wants to do.  Lu jumps all over Nola, kisses her good morning and tries to play the chase game when Nola is in the mood.  They are good at fetching balls together, I use two balls.  One larger one for Nola and a tiny one for Lulu.  We’ve gotten into the routine of playing out on the big part of the lawn around sunset every night.  It’s good for us all.

I’m doing pretty well.  Considering that this was a very stressful episode for me.  I managed to keep my cool and focus on Lulu’s needs.  It wasn’t until afterl that it really hit me as to the fact that I almosts lost my little buddy for good.  That would be tragic.

So, there’s the update.  Now I am just nervous  about this happening again.  I’m especially nervous that it could happen when I am not here to intervene and save her.  It’s a very scary position that I am in here.  I am sure that with some time I will become less wary.  But the event is so fresh in my mind that I can’t help but fear the worst at this point.

Tomorrow is Monday and I am back to work.  This will be the first time I will need to leave her.  My friend Jen is staying with me currently, so she’ll keep an eye on her for me tomorrow at least.  She’ll be staying the rest of the week I believe and then I will be forced to leave Lu alone with Nola for part of the day during my work days.  I have borrowed a HUGE dog crate from my sister and I set it up with one of Lulu’s little puffy beds at one end and her wee pad at the other.  There’s plenty of room for her to move around and be happy for the few hours that she might be left unattended.  I set it up so that it faces the couch where Nola lays when I am gone.  That way she can see Nola and be reassured by her presence.  I will be a virtual mess when I have to leave her without supervision.

Thanks to all of you who commented and shared your concern and support for us.  I especially thank Kathy, Bert, Jamie Ray, JFulbright, Jadescastle, and Bisexual Butch for their comments on my last blog.  Many of you also commented on my Facebook updates, and I thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts sent our way, we needed them all !

I am off to read my book and relax for the night!  Peace.  ~MB


3 thoughts on “An Up-date on the Lulu Crisis…

  1. Wish I could live closer.
    I cannot work, so I am home all day.
    I know what it’s like to leave your baby at home and worry about them every second till you arrive and can hold them once more.

    I am overjoyed that Lu Lu survived her medical crisis. I do really hope she continues to improve and that you find out the cause of her brush with death.

    I will say many prayers for all 3 of you. It’s all up hill from here!

    May the 3 of you be well.



    • Thanks so much for the well wishes. Lulu continues to do well, and I am becoming less nervous with her as time goes on. It was a horribly scary thing for all of us. Let’s just hope it never happens again! ~MB


  2. Lesboi says:

    I’m catching up on some posts. I’m sorry I missed this when it happened but, as an animal lover myself, I’m very happy to hear LuLu is doing well and hope she doesn’t have to go through this again. Take care!


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