Recap of My Week….thoughts

It seemed to be a week of tragic loss.  I had a friend pass away from cancer; his daughter posted the most loving last photos of him and her together that brought tears to my eyes.  But his suffering is over now, he’s no longer lingering in severe pain and hopefully he is at peace with his creator.

Then we had this horrible incident in Dallas that brought great loss to a community as well as to the families of the 5 murdered police officers.  All of this violence here really is out of control.  We have so much racial strife here at this time that it’s really sad and scary.  I don’t understand it one bit.  It’s such a redundant question: Why can’t we all get along? There is no real answer to it.  We just don’t seem to be able to do it.  And this war between the black population of this country and the law enforcement of it is just way out of control.  It feels like an “eye for an eye” sort of mentality has emerged, the police kill another black man and then a police officer or two are killed….over and over it’s happening.  Where does it stop?  How do we get to a point of peace?

I am not one to speak on racial issues really.  I grew up and live in a very white part of America. It’s impossible for me to imagine what it’s like to live in a more racially diverse area such as Atlanta, Baton Rouge or Texas.  Here the population is predominantly white.  We do have immigrants from various places who come to Maine from war torn lands far way, such as Somolia.  But they seem to stick together in pockets, separating themselves in many ways.  I don’t understand that either.  It’s just very foreign to me.

My experience with the melting pot of American culture was when I was in the Army.  There we had all different races and ethnicities, all different religions and kinds of people mixed together serving this country.  We all took the same oath and we all seemed to get along pretty well as far as I saw.   The color of someones’ skin never mattered to me.  People are people, regardless of their race or religion in my world.  I know I am jaded, I just don’t have the experience necessary to properly see the real problems.

It makes me sad and angry at the same time that we are in such a cycle of violence.  People are arguing and fighting about whose lives “matter” when in reality all lives should matter and be counted.  Rich, poor, black, white, whoever!!!  We all should matter.  And no life is more valuable or less valuable than any other.  At least that’s how I see it.

….It’s a cool and rainy day here today.  The afternoon sea breeze is just starting.  I have been cleaning out my house, de-junking, and getting ready for our park-wide yard sale next Saturday.  I hope to slim down the load a bit, get rid of things that I just don’t need, use or want anymore.  It feels good to clean through stuff, examine what I have and decide if I need it or not.  I’ve gone through all of the closets, where we hide things away, and organized them nicely once I was through cleaning out stuff that needs to go.  It seems like a meanial task, but it has to be done periodically.  This will be the 2nd yard sale I have participated in this season, the first was at my sister’s and I had to haul the stuff over there, this one is going to be right here at my place.  I plan to set up in front of my shed – which is where the bulk of stuff that I am getting rid of is currently being stored.

Once this yard sale is over I will donate what is left over to one of the local thrift shops, keeping the more valuable stuff to sell later.  Like the lawn mower and trimmer that I have that I don’t need any longer.  Who needs TWO lawn mowers???  And the trimmer is a gas powered Craftsman, very nice trimmer, but it’s so heavy.  I want to purchase a nice light weight battery powered one like my Mom has.  It will be so much easier to use.

After all of that is gone I am planning to build a nice work bench in the shed.  My shed is very large, like 8′ wide by 12′ long.  It needs a work bench and shelving to store my tools and hardware.  I bought some big hooks the other day for hanging my heavy duty extension cords and larger tools.

Here are some photos of my vegetable garden.  It’s really taken off and is growing very good.  My neighbor, Charlie, and I put it together between our two properties and we share in weeding and tending it.  I am looking forward to an abundance of tomatoes and squash, zuchini, basil and pumpkins!  As well as string beans – both green and yellow and bell peppers.  This year was kind of a trial run with it, next year we will have more in it and will organize it a bit better.  I think we wasted a lot of space in it this season as we didn’t really know what we were doing when we started planting things!  But it came out nice anyways and we will have plenty of fresh veggies!

I hope you are all having a safe and nice weekend.  Be kind to one another, it’s the only way to be!  Peace.  ~MB