Gardens & Vaping Again…

So I woke up to my alarm at 6am this morning and got up.  It’s set for 6am to remind me to get up for work days, plus to take my am medications.  Even on Saturdays and Sundays I tend to just get up when it goes off, even though I don’t have to work.  I’m not one to sleep in late days, I have too much going on in my head from the moment that I wake up in the morning until I find my way back to sleep at night.  Lately I’ve been taking something to help me fall asleep because I’ve been too ramped up when it’s time to sleep to do so.

So anyways, I got up early, got dressed and fed the dogs.  I wandered around my house for about an hour drinking coffee and having my morning smokes. I wasn’t real sure of what to do with myself at that early hour, but then it dawned on me that Home Depot opens at 6am….so I put the dogs’ new rainbow collars on them (Dad bought the rainbow collars for them at the Strawberry Festival back in June).  Once the collars were on they were very excited because that generally means they are going for a ride in the truck.  And they LOVE to ride with me where ever I go.

I drove over to Home Depot in Somersworth New Hampshire — just got to love living right next to a tax-free state like NH.  My intentions were to look at lumber to build my work bench with in the shed.  But I got distracted too easily by the clearance they were having on perennial plants in the garden center.  I ended up with five new perennials for my garden.  I got two different coreopsis plants, one all yellow and one yellow flowers with red centers.  Those will spread quite nicely and return every year and they flower for a long period of time generally.  I got two types of brown eyed Susans, one lower growing bush and one higher grower.  The last plant I got was a huge bleeding heart – which is one of my favorite plants of all.  Of course, it’s gone by for this year but the plant was huge and magnificently healthy, so I planted it with the thought that next year I will have a nice big bush of bleeding hearts come late spring.  Here are the plants I put in today.

Maybe it’s not so Butch to like to plant flower gardens, but who cares, I love it. It’s just a relaxing and rewarding activity that I enjoy immensely.

The vegetable garden has gone insane.  It’s just fucking huge.  And we are cultivating pumpkins finally!  There are several of them in various sizes growing now.  Thus far we have gotten tons of summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers and basil out of it.  There are loads of various types of tomatoes growing, but they are not yet ripe to eat.  I don’t know why I grow tomatoes because I don’t really like them except in salsa and bruschetta.  I made sure I grew a Roma tomato bush because those are the kind that I like with my bruschetta.  I will probably also try to make some salsa since we have so much basil and so many tomatoes.  I do know it’s going to be a helluva clean up of that garden when it goes by this fall.  Here is the veggie garden, as you can see it’s far outgrown it’s borders.  It’s a raised bed garden, and evidently the soil we bought to fill it was pretty damned fertile!2016-07-30 11.43.14.jpg

Other than gardening today I haven’t tackled any other projects yet.  I’m feeling a bit “off” today, just not with it.  I have a lot of shit on my mind, things I have to get done, things that need my undivided attention but just aren’t going to get it today….ok, so I did find the energy to go and pick up a gazebo frame that a friend of mine was giving me.  I got it here and I think I am missing 2 pieces to put it together….I’m going to check back in his garage and make sure they didn’t get left behind.  If I can’t find them then I am going to make those pieces out of either some PVC or some one-by stock.  Plus I need nuts and bolts to put it together, those obviously didn’t get saved when they took it down.  Neither did the canopy, which I can buy online easy enough, they have many available in universal fits.  This ought to be fun to see how it comes out.  I’d love to have a nice gazebo in my backyard with some screen sides I can put down at night so that we can sit outside and play cards or just chill.  Well, guess I am halfway to that at this point, just need to find the rest of the pieces or make them!

I got my vaping stuff back out and have been using the vape in between smoking cigarettes.  It does keep me cut down on my regular smoking habit, plus I love the taste o some of the e-liquids I have on hand, like the Kilo Dewberry Cream and the Kilo Cereal Milk.  There’s one called Blind Date that’s not bad either.  Now the last time I tried switching to vaping I ended up with blood poisoning and in the hospital (back in June) and I put it down then.  But that’s not what caused me to get sick, so why not try it again.  I could be saving so much more money if I could get totally switched over to vaping.  I wouldn’t be buying expensive cigarettes.  And the e-liquid or vaping juice is much cheaper.  I’m trying desperately to save some money for a good used truck and to move Kat up here.  Two big expenses….I hate money, it just complicates things so much.

I would work more, but the government would take away my disability benefits, and my health insurance…and without that I would be dead in a matter of time.  I depend on my health insurance to cover the medications that I take for HIV, which are very very expensive.  Plus I just can’t work a 40 hour week anymore, it does me in and I get sick every time I try it.  So I depend on those benefits to survive.  But it sucks because it means living on a limited – very limited – income and that makes it very difficult to save funds.  My fund raising page is doing pretty good, a few very good friends have pitched in to help me with my goal of raising enough money to buy a decent used truck.  I am hopeful that the fund will keep growing!  I thank everyone who has pitched in thus far, you don’t know how much it really means to me.  I’ve never been one to ask for help like this, it’s totally new to me, but I helped a friend who was in dire straits once with a fund raiser and I thought what the heck, I can ask for a little help too.  Sounds awful, huh?  Oh well.

The heat wave sort of broke a little bit today, it wasn’t as humid outside at all. When I got up this morning I actually had to put on a sweatshirt for a while as it was a bit chilly even.  It warmed up to a nice even temperature and NO humidity all day, what a relief!

3:30am…I can’t sleep anymore tonight, I’m just wide awake.  Insomnia strikes again.  I did sleep from about 9:30 last night til about 3am, so I think I got plenty of rest. My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts.  Oh…and it’s raining!  Yes!  We need rain so badly, I’m glad to see it finally raining.  I woke up and realized I never posted this tonight.  Ah, my bad.

Hey, here is the picture of the cool bird nest that I found in that straggly old bush I took down the other day:2016-07-28 19.48.22



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