Thirsty Thursday

It’s been unbearably hot here in Maine this month, and we haven’t gotten any measurable amount of rain at all.  My lawn is brown and dry….I don’t know why I continue to mow and trim just to cause a dust storm in the process, other than that the place looks great.  Yesterday I worked outside in the scalding heat for about 4 hours doing yard work.  My buddy Tyler came by and helped me.  We removed one of the big overgrown bushes in the front of the house, chainsaw and muscle it came down and we dragged the remnants up into the woods behind the house for disposal.  I found this very cool bird’s nest made of mud and sticks in that old nasty bush.  It’s very cool and really well made, birds are amazing construction creatures.

So here’s the result of our work yesterday.  Next to come down are the two bushes to the left side of the photograph.

2016-07-27 13.46.38

I am really pleased with being rid of that horrendous bush, and will be happy when the others are also gone.  I am planning to plant a row of globe arborvitae’s along there, and do some flower beds as well.  The forcythia bush to the right is going to be trimmed up to a globe shape.  I’m going to wait for this humidity to break before I attempt to tackle the rest, it’s just too brutal sweating to death in this heat right now to continue to break my back getting this done.

I’ve been catching some of the DNC on TV, and I have to say it’s amazing to watch history being made, i.e. a woman being nominated to run for President.  But, I am not as excited as I was 8 years ago when Barrack Obama was running and I was squarely behind him and voted for him.  I just cannot get excited about this current election, it’s just not in me.  The fact that Donald dickhead Trump is even on the ticket makes me sick to my stomach.  The possibility that he could be the leader of this country is so ludicrous it isn’t even funny.  It will surely be one nasty election campaign on both sides.  How can it NOT be?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to come up with the cash for another vehicle, but at the same time I also need to be figuring out how to get my girl up here to live with me in Maine.  Her circumstances there in VA are not ideal at all…she’s under a considerable amount of personal stress and strain, and she has a heart condition, so I worry like crazy.  I’d like very much to have her living with me again.  It would just be the best thing for both of us.  So, I am trying to save for moving her up here, and trying to save for another vehicle because come October mine is off the road permanently.  I did start a “Go Fund Me” page, and I’ve raised $100 in donations so far.  Here’s the link: My Fund Raising Page

I have also been selling items on Ebay and in the Seacoast Online Yard Sale page on Facebook, and that is going fairly well.  Every penny counts so much right now.  It’s just a bitch trying to make ends meet.  I wish I could work full time, but that’s not a possibility so I try not to think about it and do the best I can with what I have. I have budgeted everything to the penny, and I will reach my goals just give me some time.  I’ll get her up here and will hopefully have a good used truck to get around in by October.  I don’t need anything fancy, just a small pick up that will pass the state inspection and has 4 good tires.  I like to have a truck because of all the hauling around of stuff that I do with my buying and selling stuff to supplement my income.  I can’t be without wheels, I have to be able to get to the doctors and the hospital and stuff.  And where I live there is no public transportation at all.  It’s too rural and spread out.  So that’s not an option.  I can find a decent used truck for about $2,500. so that’s what my plan is, and that’s what I am trying got save and raise money to get.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years now since I had my chest surgery.  I’m still pleased as hell with the results.  August 18th will mark two years.  The scars are visible, but I don’t mind them at all.  For anyone else who is considering this type of surgery I say if you aren’t attached to your boobs, they bother you or you have dysphoria about them then go for it.  I know it made a world of difference to me, my dysphoria is now just about non-existent.  I feel so much better about myself.  Boobs just never suited me, I’m much happier without them.

Well, that’s all for tonight.  I’m a bit sore from working yesterday, my calves are hurting me and I want to lay down and watch some TV and rest for the night.  Nola and Lulu are already crashed out, they seem to want to go to bed nights around 8pm.  Lazy dogs.  I hope you are all doing well my friendly readers!

Peace!    ~MB





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