500 Posts!!! Wow!

Wow, I opened up my WordPress this morning to see in my notifications that I had 500 public posts!  That’s a helluva lot of posts for this country bumpkin to put up…of course it’s been over several years.  And I have a couple of hundred private and draft posts that I haven’t published for one reason or another, either they were too personal or I just didn’t see them as “post worthy”.

Yes, I enjoy writing and will probably always have a blog.  I like WordPress over any of the other blogging formats – and I’ve tried a few of them.  I should change up the way my page looks more frequently than I do. And I should post more photos and videos.  But I have a Youtube page as well, and I do my video blogging on that.

I was reading in the Yahoo news about the Pulse massacre and it seems that there is one body of one of the victims that is going unclaimed because the family didn’t like it that their  son was gay.  Sad, sad, sad.  Even in death the guy can’t be accepted by his own family.  I think it’s just cruel and shows that the family is ignorant and intolerant.

I am very lucky to have a very supportive family.  My being lesbian has never been an issue with them and they support me very much.  Love is the key.  Love is love.  No matter what.  And if you love someone, in whatever form from parental love to romantic love you accept that person for who they are, I believe.  If that man’s family loved him they should bury him properly and with the basic honor and respect that any person deserves in the end.  It makes me very sad that they cannot see past their own homophobia and prejudice to do this final thing for him.

I have to take this laptop in for service.  It seems to have a mind of it’s own sometimes.  The mouse keeps freezing, I have NO audio at all so watching videos or listening to pod casts is out for me.  And I suspect it has a virus or two that got by my firewall.  This means I may be without computer service for a few days, so no blogging for a little while.  I have my phone which has full internet access, but I can’t see blogging on that little keyboard!  Hahaha. But I will still be able to get messages and emails.  And I will still be able to check my facebook page and the such.  Oh, I got my original facebook page back finally.  It took a basic act of God with Facebook’s admin but I did get it restored and I am using it again.

I am off to start my day – albeit a bit earlier than usual as I got up at 3:30am.  I hope you all have a great day!

Peace!!!  ~MB


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