Just a Bit…

I was just reminded tonight that I have not blogged in quite a while, so I should put something together here and let you all know that I am doing stupendously well!  things have really been turning around for me, I’m getting myself together and it feels great.

The weather helps a lot, it’s been like summer here for a couple of weeks now, in the 80’s and sunny almost every day.  Honestly, we could use some rain as everything is very dry and parched.  I have to water my plants almost every night. And my outside water spigot is not working, so I am having to bucket water from the house out to the gardens and water each plant by hand.  Pain in my ass.  But my gardens, both flower and veggetable, are looking pretty damned great if I do say so myself.  I’ve put in all of the flowers that I am going to do for this season, maybe in the fall I will add some bulbs for tulips and daffodils next spring.  But for this year all the perennials are in and doing quite well.  They’ll all come back next season and it will look even better as the whole garden comes together and matures.  I will try to add some recent photos of the flowers I am growing at the end of this blog.

Health wise I am doing awesome as well.  I’m over the scare and stuff from the beginning of the month.  Doctors all say that I am doing well, altough I have some more neurological blood testing to be done, some enzymes are off for some reason.  I don’t understand most of the medical mumbo-jumbo, but I can follow directions.  I am doing well with the relapse too, haven’t touched a thing since I ended up in the hospital.  I can look back now and see all those things that triggered it in the first place too.  I was on the phone with someone tonight and she reminded me of the stresses that I was under, which probably helped lead to my relapse.  Anyway, that’s behind me now, and it’s staying there for good!

The dogs are doing great.  My Dad bought them both matching rainbow collars at the local Strawberry Festival that we attended together with my Mother this last weekend.  I thought it was quite sweet of him to give them those collars, and it was his mild way of showing support for me as well.  Being a staunch Republican he and I don’t talk much about politics or anything about the LGBT issues.  I’d rather not get into that with him.

So at work things are going well.  But I am about tired of being called “sir” all the time.  Summer doesn’t help, I wear a t-shirt (company issued) and black jeans and boots to work every day. It’s obvious that I have a flat chest (as I like it) and I keep my hair in a crew cut….so perhaps some would say I am asking for it. Yes, I am very masculine and present as very androgynous.  But when you thank someone do you have to add “sir” or “m’am” to the end of it?  Can’t we keep things more neutral and just say “thanks”?  Today I counted….11 “sirs” – a couple of them I swear were in a sarcastic kind of way, which irks me to no end.

I have really been trying to be more social lately, going to the fairs and festivals, attending parties that I usually didn’t go to, and being more friendly and nice to people in general.  I feel the change in myself as well, I’m loosening up and it feels good.  I’ve even been making plans for the rest of the summer, little things here and there to make sure that I stay out and involved in life.

So, that’s what’s going on with me.  Just an update of sorts.  I hope that you are all doing well and are in the best of health and spirits —AND enjoying this lovely Spring/Summer!!!!    Peace!!!  ~MB


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  1. It’s great when everything that can have momentum is all positive. Keep on accentuating the positive, and make the most of the warm weather! I’m glad things are going much better.

  2. Everything is springing back to life, including you. I love hearing your voice and attitude becoming more vivacious and animated….makes me smile that you’re positive outlook is returning. ❤

  3. So good to hear you are feeling well. Flowers look great…and LuLu is cute as ever. Don’t feel bad about hand watering…we are doing the same.
    You bring up a good point about addressing others as sir or mam. I got use to dropping formal training years ago. Some of my clients were ftm and mtf and it was easier to just drop it. A friendly smile works just as well. At least no one is calling you girlie…imagine that one.
    My father hated that his children were Democrats and that his son was gay and one daughter was somewhere inbetween…problem she just wasn’t feminine enough. But she did as she was told, got married, had children and gave up every dream she had…but she is still a Democrat.

  4. Lovely gardens! I miss that a lot. I was really touched that your Dad bought rainbow collars-that said a lot. I think people respond to the energy you put out more than any other factor. There are worse things to be called. I’m glad you are doing so great! Good for you that your hard work is paying off

    1. Thank you, I really take pride in my flower gardens, and now this year in my newly built and planted veggie garden too! Next year I plan to have more in the veggie garden, I think I wasted a lot of space in planting it! But we learn through trial and error, right? It was a very thoughtful thing and my Dad’s way of supporting me to get the dogs those rainbow collars. Thanks for commenting! Peace!!!

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