Hatred or Terror?

I have been simmering over the Orlando nightclub massacre; still trying to make some sense or come to how I really feel about it – other than very sad for those people and their families and very angry…although I am not sure just who I am the angriest at.  The shooter, his wife, failed intelligence, gun control….

One of my facebook friends asked the question yesterday, and I paraphrase here “Was Orlando a hate crime or a terror attack?”  That question has been stuck in my head.

Really.  Which was it?  We know only what we are being told by other people that he hated gays and was angered by seeing 2 men kissing, but then other little weird things are coming to light like the one woman in his apartment building says that he would hang out in one of the apartments with the gay men that occupied them. Maybe he was questioning his sexuality…?

The whole shebang is very complicated and we will probably never know the real reason.

His apartment showed little connection to ISIS or radicals.  He had scoped out other locations to do this dastardly deed, even went to the Pulse himself a few times – scoping for this or for a date?

Now his wife has acknowledged that she had known full well what this man was going to do.  THIS angers me to the core.  She should be prosecuted for premeditated murder and attempted premeditated murder just to start with, in my opinion, which is based on what the news media is reporting.

I could get into all of the little angles, facts, alleged happenings and the such here, but the point that is stuck so hard for me is the question of did he do this because he hated gays or because he wanted to instill terror in the hearts of Americans.  What was his primary motive?  We all know he was a certified lunatic and very evil.   Did he kill because he hated gays or because he wanted to be a terrorist and wanted a location rich with targets, that he knew already.

I could talk about all of the missed chances the FBI and other homeland security operations dropped the proverbial ball on this as well.  Could they have stopped it before it happened?  I think they could have made it more difficult for him at the very least.

There are so many questions surrounding this horrible tragic and needless killing of so many innocent people who were just out to have a fun night with friends.

Hate or Terror?

Maybe the guy did “hate gays” as reported.

I doubt he had much – if any – direction or connection to ISIS and radicals.  They (ISIS) claims he was one of theirs, but they would do that anyway, it’s their way from the pattern I’ve noticed since 2011….if it is a terrifying act against the US then they’ll claim they ordered it and take responsibility for it, like getting another notch in your belt kind of thinking.

Orlando was a senseless loss for the LGBT community.  Particularly the Hispanic part of our community .  I don’t think we will ever be able to comprehend the multiple ways in which this brought such loss to our country.

As part of the LGBT community, I don’t feel that this was a hate crime against us.  I think it was a hate crime against America.  AND it also could be a terror attack that could have been aimed against any one of the multiple groups that man claimed to hate.

So, what, dear reader, do YOU think?  Was this a direct assault against the gay community or a terror attack against American values?  Or both?  I’d love to hear your comments, or perhaps a blog of your own on it.

Be Safe.   Peace to ALL   ~MB




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  1. I have been reading an awful lot about the shooter, and I do not rely on the heavily censored mainstream media , and here is what I have put together that makes the most sense to me …. I don’t believe this was an act of terror at all … yes he did call 911 and tell them what he was doing , he also stated that he was doing it for allah whatever ackbar … okay okay so ya he still wasn’t a terrorist , the LGBTQ were his target deliberately , and out of all the LGBTQ Bars … he deliberately chose one that was in a gun free zone , easy target very little risk of anyone being armed , yes he frequented that bar numerous times , and had been ejected from that bar a few times for getting hostile after drinking etc ….

    I have read the Quran …. now please do not think that I am being hateful or a islamophobe… I am not, I really do not care what faith anyone practices , in the quran it says to kill homosexuals , to them this is not murder or terrorism, this is an act of kindness and love …. loosely here it says that the only way to help or save a homosexual from their abomination/sin is to kill them, it is the merciful thing to do .

    so ya in my eyes it was a Hate crime not an act of terrorism against the LGBTQ , however it was an act of Terrorism to America herself as a whole … and there will be much more to follow, more LGBTQ bars are going to get hit … hit the soft targets in gun free zones first, then move on to the next group etc.

    he is no different than the so called christians that cry about serving LGBTQ people is against their religion … the only difference between him and them is the simple fact … he had no problems pulling the trigger in his gods name, the christians are not that brave, they’re mouthy and crap but can’t bring themselves to kill in the name of their god ….. yet.

    regardless of his motives, regardless of his faith, regardless of it being a Hate Crime against the LGBTQ and an act of Terrorism against America herself …. people died , does it matter who killed them or why ? … to me all that matters are the victims, both the dead and the survivors and their families , loved ones and friends , to me those are the people that are important , I don’t care who did it or why , and I won’t debate gun laws , or religion … people know where I stand on both , arguing about it in the wake of a tragedy is a great insult to those that were there , and to me it is disrespectful .

    it becomes an act of terrorism only when we ( gay or straight ) become fearful and hateful , when we stop living and celebrating life, when we stay silent and hide , then yes it becomes terrorism . be aware, but don’t be paranoid.

    and yes ISIS is claiming responsibility for it, but you know what ? … ISIS is full of shit too, they would take responsibility for a frickin tornado wiping out a trailer park and say their god allah did it , and they would scream death to America and Death to the west …. here is the thing… ISIS is not all powerful, they are not a big badass organized army taking over the planet one country at a time….. the Kurds, Americans, and all her allies , and the Russians are kicking the living shit out of ISIS … they are losing ground, losing funding, losing fighters, the fighters run away when they encounter the Kurdish women fighters, and now the Yazidi women are taking up arms against them … to an ISIS fighter to die at the hands of a woman is an instant ticket to hell , they don’t get to go to their heaven, no virgins nothing so ya they run.

    Isis is not that powerful to be responsible for every asshole with a gun that shoots up a place, nor are they so powerful that they are responsible for every bomb … yes there are isis sleeper cells in every country , but most of these assholes that go on a shooting spree screaming allah ackbar are just isis wanna be’s … too frickin stupid and mentally unstable to be any sort of real fighter … they go it alone and Isis gets the credit …. Isis takes the credit … why? because they want you to live in fear, to think that they are a massive army and it’s only a matter of time before they come for you … they want people to be divided and hate and assault even kill muslims … just 1 redneck with a gun walking into a mosque is all it would take to validate ISIS claims that the west hates all muslims and wants to kill them all…. then ya we then have a problem .

    anyway sorry for the long post, but that is how i see it , i don’t care why or who, I just care about those that lost their lives, their loved ones family and friends, as well as the survivors and those they love , and I care about everyone globally who are hurting and mourning for the loss, they may be strangers in name to me , to all of us globally… but even though I never knew them , they were and are my brothers and sisters, my family … and I mourn , I am hurt, I am angry, damn angry , but that anger is not going to help anyone so I try and rid myself of it and not say stupid shit and point accusing fingers … it solves nothing.

  2. I think men have a design flaw when it comes to sex, power, and violence. When they don’t get what they want, what they think they’re entitled to, especially when it comes to sex, they become violent, sometimes on a small scale and sometimes on a large scale. This is certainly not true of all men, but it is objectively true across all races, religions, nationalities, and irrespective of sexual orientation. Women are killed by men daily, and it’s about sex and power. The only way political ideology comes into it is that men continue to dominate (yes, dominate) politics worldwide, which means there is broad public support that rationalizes male misconduct. Take the case of the prick at Stanford University who raped an unconscious woman. He was convicted of three felonies, and will serve three months in county jai, because the judge (a former Stanford athlete himself), didn’t want the poor rapist to suffer. The rapist’s father didn’t think his golden boy should do time at all for “20 minutes of action.” The prick in Orlando felt emasculated, whether by women or over his own sexuality. Rather than die as the pathetic POS he was, he wanted people to think he was the ultimate powerful man –a terrorist. It was an attempt to justify the same old shit: if he couldn’t have what he wanted on his terms, if he couldn’t find a path to success in life, he’d kill, and provoke someone else to kill him, because he was too fucking gutless to kill himself. In my opinion.

  3. Men kill every day. Sex, power, violence, entitlement are a toxic mix across race, religion, nationality, and sexual orientation. The ultimate powerful male kills without hesitation restraint, or remorse. Terrorism makes this explicit and political, but it is present every day, everywhere, every time men attack and kill women, in particular. In some societies, it is widely and openly accepted. We’re a bit cagier about it, but it is still the case here that sexual violence against women is epedemic, and the tens of thousands of untested rape kits are just one measure of the official indifference to it. The fact that women who have restraining orders are routinely murdered is another sign that women are a victim class, first and foremost, to many. The LGBTQ community has also been shrugged off as a victim class, not worthy of equality. Attitudes are changing, but since men dominate politics, and every other fucking thing, official change is slow and grudging, but the victim classes are expected to be grateful. FTS. In Orlando, gays were targeted because they are a victim class and perceived as a soft target. The ISIS BS was just that, BS. The guy was a loser who wanted to look powerful, when his rage was fueled by feeling powerless. He attacked in a way that put sex or sexual orientation in the picture because whether he wanted sex from men or women, he wasn’t getting what he wanted. ISIS was cover, nothing more. Some people are just killers, or rapists, or both, and any excuse will do. The justification in their sick minds is the same: “They were asking for it.”

  4. Thank you for your response. Yes, I agree Pulse was a “soft target” and combined with his stated hatred. I think what I am getting from your responsed that you think this was a hate crime based upon copy-catting other incidents, maybe I am wrong. But it does make full sense. Peace! ~MB

  5. No matter where the fault is placed, or who claims reponsibility, this crime was born from hatred. Violence is perpetrated nearly every day against race, religion, genders, sexual preference, etc., and our ability to control it is diminished by the politicians who rant and rave over gun control laws but continuously this is put on the shoulders of law abiding cituzens. I, myself, see no need for assault rifles. I don’t believe banning them though will help any of these situations. I do believe that controls need to be made as far as background checks and the stability of any person (s) that would purchase such a weapon but on the other end of the spectrum, weapons of all kinds can be found illegally, so I don’t see the sense of banning certain weapons. I don’t feel as though it would make a significant difference when it comes to these random acts of terrorism or hate crimes. I believe that we have the right to bear arms, that any person who does so should have to undergo an intense background check that includes mental stability. Even then though, some will slip through the cracks.

    My heart goes out to all victims of violence and hatred. I sympathize with the views that assault rifles should be strictly monitored. I just see no end when it comes to criminals, mentally ill people who choose to target innocent people. I don’t see how taking away the rights of people will stop these senseless acts.

    We can change laws, we can up the anti by doling out stricter punishments, but when you have evil in the world…it’s not going to change anything. I stand with my lgbt+ community and I mourn fir the living and those who have died. I just wish we all had the power to make it a realization that no one has the right to take the rights of others to choose how they are going to live…love .or be happy. How that is to be carried out is the question….and the fight…

    No one has the right to impose their beliefs on another…choosing hatred over caring about another’s right to live their own lives only shows that there are small minds, closed hearts, and the repercussions of that is that innocent people are lost. In the midst of all the controversy there is one remaining fact…we don’t have the ability to see what will come next. Our freedoms are never free and those who take them from anyone should pay the same price. If they cherish what they believe, then they should also consider that theirs is the same as anyone’s . I can only conclude that the devil is among us and those who are taught hate will become hate. Why anyone would choose that way is unbeknownst to me….but I do know that there is also many good people who choose love…and no matter what, these criminals will pay for their hatred, bigotry, and inability to reason as a human…because their minds are subhuman..I can’t even equate them to animals. ..even animals have respect for life. ..the order of things….

    In the end, it comes down to the choices that are made…I can only put it out there that love wins…

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