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BUTCH: Femmes Know

Excellently written piece, VV does it again! I don’t must have missed this on during my hiatus, glad I found it, Rock on Girl!

Vulnerable Verbiage


I will write this to the best of my knowledge about BUTCH. For, I have loved and admired this gender since I was a young girl. I have been hopelessly drawn to butch women for as long as I can remember. Observed them and heard them. Touched them and experienced their love. Their convictions and their passion. Their strength and their vulnerabilities. They truly are a sexy force to be reckoned with.

Butch is neither male or female. There is no “man’s role” to the butch.

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1 thought on “BUTCH: Femmes Know”

  1. Where is the LOVE button! ! ! !
    Wonderfully written article – so very well expressed and honestly,
    this is the only time in my life I wished I were either BUTCH OR FEMME,
    BUTCH I think – or maybe FEMME – it would be so awesome to be treated with
    respect and courtesy. My ability to be open, warm, caring and friendly is naturally part of who I am – I’m not at all sure I would do chivalry very well. So I guess I’ll just keep on being me to the best of my ability.
    MB, I am so so glad you are recovering from your ordeal, and that you are back to writing. All best wishes for a full recovery to feeling even better than ever! !
    Anne in Rockland, ME

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