Facebook glitch

I have to let you all know, those of you who follow me on Facebook anyways, that my Facebook page has been closed because I was hacked by an imposter and reported it and Facebook closed the page down – MY page.  Idiots.  I have to provide them with a photo identification card to get it reopened, something that is a pain in the ass and I don’t think I should have to do.  There are plenty of verification ways and it’s plain to see who the hacker is in this case.  Anyways, I’ve been getting messages from some people who think that I “unfriended” and “blocked” them, which is NOT true, I have simply been shut out by Facebook.   I didn’t unfriend or block anyone at all.  I’m very sorry about this happening and apologize if you were one who thought I blocked you.

I am not sure if I will open a new page or not.  A couple of friends have asked me to do so, but I haven’t really missed it that much….thus I’m not all that motivated to open a new one.  Perhaps I will just to stay in touch with those who really care to stay in touch.

I can still be reached by email and on Twitter.  Those have not changed and will not as far as I know.

Everything is going pretty good. Work is work, and it’s going fine.  I have been working around the yard and cleaning the place up for summer.  It’s looking pretty good with some new dark mulch and all the plants coming up.  I’m looking forward to seeing what all comes up !

I hope everyone is doing well!  Peace!  ~MB

6 thoughts on “Facebook glitch

  1. Glad to hear you are well and getting your new place into shape. Facebook is a mixed bag (I read and “like” but don’t share or post) and it still sucks hours out of my life.


  2. if it’s any consolation I shut down my facebook , not because I was hacked, more like I exploded and blasted everyone about that whole transgender and washrooms crap,

    glad to hear things are going well, I was kinda worried there, last you wrote, you weren’t feeling well…. then nothing…. crickets lol , glad your back 🙂


  3. Some days, you can’t win for losin’!

    Sorry for the grief. I didn’t know what frustration was, until technology took over our lives.

    Hang in there!

    I’m pissed because it’s 808 pm, and I’m still at work, cleaning up somebody else’s tech mess.

    I wanted very much to be elsewhere, watching election returns!


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