General Blips

Facebook glitch

I have to let you all know, those of you who follow me on Facebook anyways, that my Facebook page has been closed because I was hacked by an imposter and reported it and Facebook closed the page down – MY page.  Idiots.  I have to provide them with a photo identification card to get it reopened, something that is a pain in the ass and I don’t think I should have to do.  There are plenty of verification ways and it’s plain to see who the hacker is in this case.  Anyways, I’ve been getting messages from some people who think that I “unfriended” and “blocked” them, which is NOT true, I have simply been shut out by Facebook.   I didn’t unfriend or block anyone at all.  I’m very sorry about this happening and apologize if you were one who thought I blocked you.

I am not sure if I will open a new page or not.  A couple of friends have asked me to do so, but I haven’t really missed it that much….thus I’m not all that motivated to open a new one.  Perhaps I will just to stay in touch with those who really care to stay in touch.

I can still be reached by email and on Twitter.  Those have not changed and will not as far as I know.

Everything is going pretty good. Work is work, and it’s going fine.  I have been working around the yard and cleaning the place up for summer.  It’s looking pretty good with some new dark mulch and all the plants coming up.  I’m looking forward to seeing what all comes up !

I hope everyone is doing well!  Peace!  ~MB

General Blips

Hello Readers!

I apologize for not writing or posting for over a month now…it’s been a tough time for me.  Last you heard I was doing well and quitting smoking, trying out vaping and things were fine.  Well, things change mighty quick sometimes.  I am living with a compromised immune system and when I get sick sometimes it can be quite serious  That’s what happened here, I first contracted bronchitis and was down for the count with that for over a week, when I went in for my second doctor appointment on it after several days of a z-pack antibiotic, I had a bad sore throat and hurting ears so they tested me for strep and yup you guessed it I had strep on top of my bronchitis.  Then I got some sort of bad ass stomach flu mixed in with everything else…I could not win for losing!  I was very, very sick.  I missed a total of 4 days of work during the first 2 weeks of it, 3 days one week and one day another.  But mostly I toughed it out and went to work as much as I could because I needed to do so.  I hated missing work, but those days that I was out were the worst that I can recall in the last couple of years.  I was very fucking sick.  Fevers, chills, puking, you name it and I had it…coughing, stuffy head, congested chest….yup the full on YUCKERS.  It was the sickest I have been in YEARS.

I didn’t feel much like doing ANYTHING.  No writing, barely responded to emails and that was only if I felt that I HAD to do so, and I didn’t open mail for 3 weeks.  I basically stayed in bed or on the couch and slept as much as possible, drank as much water and ginger ale and tea as I could and went through three different courses of different antibiotics.   The only thing that really seemed to help me was all the sleep, I really just wanted to sleep and sleep – and I did!

Finally at the end of last week I started to come out of it a bit.  I took the weekend and slept alot, just stayed home and  chilled with the dogs and watched movies, tried to eat what I could – I didn’t and still don’t – have much of an appetite.  I was without my truck because as soon as I registered and insured it and put it back on the road it immediately broke  – the serpentine belt snapped in half.  So I was without that until this evening around 5:30 when I picked it up from the mechanic’s.

I worked all week this week, and it felt good.  I was in a pretty good, recovering mood all week.  Feeling a little stronger each day was making me pretty happy.  Although fretting about what it was about to cost me to fix the truck was worrying me all week.  That thing is junk and I shouldn’t be fixing anything on it, I should be saving all my cash to put toward something else to drive. But right now I have no choice, it’s my ride to and from work.  Other than that I will not be driving it at all. I figure it will take me about 2 months now to have enough cash in hand to buy something used that will get me around town safely.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do in this life to make things work for you, right?  Driving this piece of shit truck I have now until I can get something else is what I gotta do!  As much as I hate it and realize it’s a risk of getting stopped for non-inspected motor vehicle, I just have to do it this way.  I have no other choice.  I can’t bum rides to work forever, I’m not going to walk all that way, and I’m thinking that I am a little too old for the old bicycle-to-work thing…I’d die the first day for sure.  Luckily this last week the girls at work all figured out how to get me there and Mom gave me a couple of rides home and to the doctors and the grocery store.  I hate asking for anything like that for help, but I know I shouldn’t be like that, that people want to help me when I need it, just like I am willing to help any of them out when I am able to do so.

It’s really getting to be Spring here.  This last week’s weather was a bit bizarre, the weird snow storms that melted the next day, lots of rain, and then beautiful 70 degree days…it’s supposed to be fairly nice this weekend, which I hope comes true so I can work around this house, rake the dog yard out and work in my shed.  The daffodils came up, budded then got ruined by a freak snowstorm and a couple of very cold nights. I have crocus that came up, bright purple, very pretty.  Lots of other stuff is poking up and starting to grow.  I took that trellis that blew down last winter out of the yard, got rid of it and am going to build an entry arbor for the clematis to grow on, up and over.  It should look beautiful.  I figure if I build one I can properly anchor it into the ground and it won’t blow over like the cheap little metal one that was formerly there. Plus it will really make a nice addition to the entrance to the house.

Nola and Lulu have been great.  They have been so good with me while I’ve been so sick.  I know they had to have a lot of patience with me, and I didn’t take them for many rides or walks at all – because I couldn’t!  But they did cuddle with me on the couch and seemed to get it that I just needed to rest alot.  Lulu got loose from the dog pen the other day and I forgot she was even out in the pen and went and took a shower….evidently while I was in the shower she decided to check for holes in the fence, found an opening and was off on an adventure.  I have no idea where she went or what she did, but it scared the living daylights out of me when I figured out she was MIA.  I FREAKED OUT.  I went walking very fast around the house, calling and calling to her.  I went up on the hill as high as I could get so I could see the neighborhood and looked and looked…I was losing it, the thought of that little tiny 3 pound dog out there trying to navigate this big world by herself was petrifying to me.  I had all kinds of horrific images in my head.  I live in a nice park, but if you follow the roads it does lead to some more busy highways!  I was praying she didn’t get that far.  I kept looking and calling and walking around -but staying close to the house incase she came back – and after about 30 minutes I saw a red SUV coming around the corner from the next road over very slowly…right in front of it was little Lulu running flat out as fast as she could toward me and home!     I was SUPER happy to see her little white fuzzbutt galloping toward me, flag tail waving behind her.  The guy in the SUV saw me and waved, he seemed to know when she flew into my arms that she had found home.  I think he was trying to help her, or figure out where she belonged.  I learned a few lessons from that escapade.  1.  Keep dog collars ON them during the day, just in case this happens again.  2.  Watch Lulu like a hawk when she’s in the pen, she is tiny, and smart and escapes easily.      3.  Keep working on Lu’s reliable recall training, she’s learning to come when called.  4.  Do not leave dogs outside when I am not paying attention…avoid this from ever happening again.  Whew…I am so thankful that Lulu made it back safely, I’m not sure where she wandered off to, but I think she was pretty scared when she got back home so maybe this will cause her to think twice next time she has this opportunity  – let’s hope that is like NEVER!      Anyway, now everyone is safe and happy – and healthy! – once again.

I am feeling 100% better, getting back into the swing of things.  I am not going to push it this weekend. Just because I feel better doesn’t mean that I can go gung-ho wild child on things and wear myself out again.  I plan to do things around the house, but not going to go overboard, and am planning naps into the schedule as well!  Maybe I’ll do a bit more writing and catch up on emails too!

Thanks for the notes of concern that I received while I was sort of “away”  it’s nice to know that I am missed when I am out of the loop!  Peace!   ~MB