TED Talks 2016!

I love Ted Talks.  And the 2016 TED Talks are starting tomorrow, the theme is Dream.  It’s going to feature 65 speakers who will share their powerful and change provoking dreams.  I can’t wait to watch some of them.  I’m hoping that my favorite TED Talk speaker, Brene’ Brown is going to be in the […]

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Frozen Maine

I feel like I haven’t written shit in weeks that is worth a crap.  But hey, I’m not writing for some prize, so it is what it is. It’s so cold here that my water pipes to the kitchen have frozen, no water coming from the taps.  I’ve got a space heater under the sink […]

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Dogs Playing in the Snow

The dogs spent some time outside with me while I did snow clean up this morning.  Here are some pictures of them in the snow.  It was pretty.  Nola likes to burrow like a ground hog in it.  And it’s almost over Lulu’s head.  They had a great time playing while I worked.

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Snowy Saturday Thoughts

It’s finally happening, the snow is coming.  Yesterday we got about 10 inches of nice fluffy white stuff.  So today was clean up day.  Luckily the snow wasn’t the heavy, water laden type and shoveled up pretty easily.  I got the drive way done by a friend last night, thank God because my back can’t […]

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A Little Down Today…

Today has been a really down day.  I am filled with thoughts of stupid things, things that are wrong with me, or things that I am worried about.  I hate days like this, when your mind sort of takes control and your body feels heavy from all the thoughts. I’m a boring fuck.  I live […]

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