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Short break from the story…

Let’s take a little hiatus from my Washington Story for a day or two.  I need to put some things together to properly tell the rest of that story, and I also need to get permission from some people who were involved to tell some of it.  I am changing names to protect people’s identities already, but I realized I may be treading in some places where I need to be a little careful.

I would also like to dig up some of the photographs of that time.  There are some good ones of me and of places in the story.  Once those are scanned into my PC and edited I can add them to the story for some visual appeal.  I know you’ll enjoy seeing them.

I saw a photograph of a can of Milwaukee’s Best beer today, which I took as a sign that writing this story out is the right thing to do right now. That cheap skunk ass beer is what we used to buy to drink during those very lean money times.  I could get a 6 pack of “The Beast” as we called Milwaukee’s Best, and a pack of smokes for about 3 bucks.  Yes, it was the 80’s and still the era of the cheap buzz.

I was also reminded that there were lots of drugs involved in things during this time.  I’m not talking about some weed here and there, I’m talking about PCP, Cocaine, heroin and speed.  I had been into drugs since I was about 17 pretty heavily.  I don’t talk about this aspect of things in detail in the story, but I was high most of the time during that period of time.  Not a good or proud thing, but very true.

So tonight I am taking a little break from the Washington DC story, but I will definitely be finishing it for you all to read if you are interested.  I thank all who have sent me emails and texts saying they are having fun reading of my shenanigans.  I love getting those responses and messages from you all.



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