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Friday night rambles…

It’s Friday and the week is over!  My weekend has just begun.  I got off work today a couple of hours later than usual because the place was short handed due to people calling out so they needed me to stay a couple extra hours. I didn’t mind at all. I like my job, I like the people and don’t mind helping out extra when needed.  It actually feels good to be needed! Even if it is only by work!

Had dinner with my parents tonight. That is always interesting. I never know what kind of mood my Dad will be in, good or bad.  Tonight he was in a pretty good mood, thankfully. Because when he’s in a bad mood I hate being around him and I never stay that long if he’s ugly for any reason.  That’s what we call it when you are in a bad mood, you are being ugly.  Maybe it’s just a Maine saying, I’m not sure, its one of those word mysteries.

My parents are growing older.  Dad just turned 75. He’s in great shape and works still, hasn’t seemed to have slowed down much at all.  They are both very active.  Mom especially so, she’s a sharp as a whip and is always on the go.  I continue to live here in Maine partly because I thought that as they got older that they would need me around to help out more.  Turns out that I need them more than they need me!  They are just amazing and still happily married after almost 55 years – it will be 55 years this coming June.  It’s cool to have meals with them and to talk about everything.  They are still the center of the family; we all still gravitate toward them and their house for family gatherings and get togethers.

They just bought this new home that they are in back in August and it’s got a great in-ground pool.  We’ve always had inground pools in the family as my family’s business is building and servicing swimming pools – the family owns a pool company with multiple locations in New Hampshire that serve southern Maine and coastal New Hampshire.  It’s a great business and I worked in the industry alongside my father and brother for 22 years myself.  When I was with my long term ex I even built her an in-ground pool one year at our farm.  So it’s great that Mom and Dad have this new place with a pool that I will be welcome to hang out around this coming summer!  I’m looking forward to it very much.  I can just picture getting off of work days, coming home and getting the dogs and going over to Mom’s to chill around the pool and bask in the sunshine.  It will be heavenly I am sure.  That’s how I plan to spend this coming summer anyways!!!

Work was good this week.  I really kinda like this job.  It’s relaxed enough and yet fast paced enough to keep me busy and I am always happiest when I am busy doing something.  I’ve been running into a lot of old friends from around town in there.  They stop for morning coffee and pastries, or to fill up on gasoline.  I have also made some new friends of my co-workers and of some of the customers.  They’re all pretty nice people I am finding.  Some come to work crabby and I try to cheer them up…which works on occasion, but I find that if someone is coming to work with an attitude that they are just setting themselves up to have a bad day.  And I can see how one would be miserable at this job if they don’t like it much.  So I am glad that I like it as I do.  hell, I have even met a couple of my Facebook friends in there and also someone who reads my blogs!

On another kind of note.  I’ve had to weed out some people from my life again lately. It seems that I don’t learn or I trust too much to begin with.  Like, I had one “friend” who decided to un-friend me this last week because I wouldn’t email her every damned day. I am too fucking busy and occupied with my life to be emailing a friend every day — and hell about what?  I can only figure that she is really lonely and needed more attention than I could give her as a friend.  Am I wrong?  Does being a friend in today’s world of technology mean that you have to be in constant contact?  I’ve never been in constant contact with anyone unless I was more than a “friend” with the person, in which case I can see more contact and would expect it in return.  And hell, my best friend and I live across the country from one another.  We talk on the phone about 3 times a year, we email maybe 3 more times and text a hand full of times…we don’t need daily contact to be secure in the fact that we are great friends to one another and we are both there for each other if a crisis arises and we are needed.  Ya see, we also both lead very different lives in very different places, all of which factors into how much we are in touch with one another.  I just don’t have time to be spieling off emails every day.

Either you are secure in my friendship or you are not.  If you are not then just don’t bother me.  If you are then great, I’m sure we’ll touch base when we can and when we want to or need to do so.  And it’s not a failure if a friendship doesn’t work out, not all of them will and that’s to be expected. I’ve had many friends over the decades of my life that I don’t hear from nowadays.  Life moves on and sometimes we go out in our own directions.  If our paths cross again then great!







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