Frozen Maine

I feel like I haven’t written shit in weeks that is worth a crap.  But hey, I’m not writing for some prize, so it is what it is.

It’s so cold here that my water pipes to the kitchen have frozen, no water coming from the taps.  I’ve got a space heater under the sink trying desperately to thaw them out. I do suppose I will have to bundle up and brave the frigid cold temps and go under the house to where the problem most likely IS, and set up a heater there to thaw them, plus I may have to break out the blow dryer – which I keep to blow dry Lulu after her baths usually.  Somehow I must figure out how to unfreeze the pipe and get things flowing again.  The bathroom has the taps open and trickling so they wont’ follow suit and freeze too.  It is record cold here, like in the negatives.  Right now the site says it’s -5 degrees F.  SOME FUCKING COLD.

Work has been going good.  I actually miss going in on weekends!  They changed the uniforms to these UGLY blue smocks…I hate them.  So now we have to wear these smocks over whatever we are wearing – which for me will continue to be the red polo shirts and khaki pants.  I’ve also discovered that my feet hurt much less when I wear my Timberland Pro boots instead of the regular Timberlands.  Got to be something to do with the arch support, as my heels burn like mad after a few hours.

Ok, so I  have managed to get under the house to get one of the space heaters going I think.  We’ll see if it works.  I can’t get under where the kitchen plumbing is, and I may end up calling a plumber/repair man to get it unthawed, heat taped and insulated so this doesn’t happen again.  I kick myself because I should have thought to really look at the pipe situation in the fall during the buying process to make sure that this was not going to be an issue in cold weather.  I was told the pipes were heat taped, but obviously not all of them are or this would not be happening…..funny story, on the way back from the shed and getting the electric cord set up, I took a helluva header over the dog fence into the dogs’ yard…damned near landed in a dog bomb.  Funny shit…me splayed face first into the freezing snow, in below zero temps.  Good thing I can still get up on my own!  hahaha.

Also, I’ve been occupying my mind with fantasy a lot lately.  I find that I can have an extraordinary time in vivid lucid dreaming and the excitement that permeates those kinds of dreams  I’ve never been one who was good at fantasy, sure I could play a good cowboy as a kid, but I never got into superheros or fantasy figures or ideas at all.  The closest I have come is Lord of the Rings, a book series that I love beyond saying.  I have picked up some fantasy type books lately too, just not your PG titles.  I think imagination is good for the soul.  😉

My weekend is over now and I am going to be back into the work week in the morning.  Ugh Monday.  I am not and never have been a fan of Mondays, they just seem to be the most fucked up day of the week.  If anything can go wrong it will do it on a Monday.  I am going to go to bed and try to wake up happily on the right side of it tomorrow morning.  I really want to have a decent week.

Cha cha



2 thoughts on “Frozen Maine

  1. Don’t feel alone, our kitchen pipes were frozen most of the day. As of now we have hot, but the cold is still frozen. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, forecast is looking better. By the end of week it may reach 50, that’s swimming weather for Ohio! lol.
    Now the topic of fantasy…I often feel it would be easier to live in one of my fantasies then in the world of reality. Shows you what a control freak I am lol Since I have trust issues fantasy is a safe place for me.
    Enjoy your work week…and smile


  2. Yes, update the heat tape. You probably know that it’s only expected to last about 5 years. Don’t skimp. Get enough to wind it around the pipe as recommended , from the source to the point it enters the structure. My pipes froze 3 or 4 times, and yes, it sure sucks dealing with it after the fact, when it’s below zero. Buy a real heat gun for about $20 to thaw the pipes quickly, but don’t melt them, if they’re plastic. Confirmed the hard way that normal hair dryers and even hot construction lights aren’t enough to thaw pipes. Sorry it happened. The last time I experienced this, I was so royally pissed that I did the world’s most thorough insulation job, complete with foam covers, taped over from end to end!


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