Weekend is Here!

Yay!  It’s Friday!  I have a new fondness for Fridays as it’s the last day of my work week.  The job is going well, I’ve adjusted to the schedule quite easily – so have the dogs. It’s a pretty easy schedule of getting up at 5am and making sure that I go to bed at a reasonable hour at night so I’m not sluggish in the AM.  It’s a no-brainer pretty much.  But it’s quite the change from not having a real schedule to having the days laid out for me.  I’m definitely liking the job and having a place to BE days where I feel useful and am doing something other than being bored.

It’s been interesting being around all the truckers and seeing people that I haven’t seen in years come in there.  It’s a pretty local joint, so everyone stops in for something – generally gas and coffees are big sellers, especially with gas prices being so low right now.

Today we had a customer cause a huge gas spill at the pumps.  This guy driving a cargo van set the pump to fill without him holding it and left the vehicle to come inside the store.  While he was away from it the gas began to overflow until someone came running in to tell us that it was pouring out all over the pump island…Sarah, one of my co-workers who has been there a long time, went racing out and shut it down.  It was quite a large spill, probably about 75 gallons of gasoline.  Get this…the guy comes to the counter for a receipt from me and Sarah comes in and asks what he’s hauling in the van, his reply – Oxyogen…yes this moron – and Sarah called him a fucking moron right there, left a truck full of oxyogen tanks filling with petroleum without being attended to.  He is a fucking moron.  We could have all been killed.  Luckily, no one was injured.

The guy just got his receipt and drove off.  He didn’t say anything, not “I’m sorry” or anything, he just left.  I suppose he FELT like a loser after doing that stupid thing.  He put many people in some serious danger and he had to know that.  It took our crew of 5 people about a hour to get it all cleaned up.  They had to cover it all with absorbent stuff kind of like kitty litter and shovel that all up into a bin to be disposed of.

It caused quite a ruckus at the station for a while.  We had a bunch of people hanging around watching the goings on, laughing and shaking their heads in bewilderment. Especially at the beginning when he was just getting in his truck and leaving without saying a word.  (I still can’t believe he said NOTHING, just acted like it was an every day happening, got his receipt and drove away).  The cops showed up to check the spill and I am sure that our manager had to write a report on it.  I stayed in the store with Tommy  (another co-worker) and I stayed in the store running the registers while everyone else was out in the lot tending to the mess, so luckily I didn’t smell like gasoline but everyone else sure did by the end of it all.  We are just fortunate that no one was seriously injured or killed!

Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016

I overslept this morning…now THAT is a rare thing for me…I never over sleep when I have something scheduled to do.  I had a hair cut scheduled for 10:30…yes, scheduling is how they do it in “salons” which I rarely frequent but had to this time for my month’s hair cut.  Luckily the woman who did my hair cut let me reschedule for this afternoon so I still got it done.

Johnny, the barber that I’ve been going to and raving about for a long time now – didn’t renew his license to cut hair in NH and so he’s not working right now.  Thus, I had to find someone else to cut my hair.  I happened to know someone who I recently met that is a stylist.  So I bucked up and scheduled an appointment with her.  When you go to the barbershop there is no appointment, it’s a walk-in and scribble your name on the board and wait in line kind of deal instead.  Going to a stylist at a salon is a whole different kind of experience; you have to make an appointment and be there at a certain time.  And I haven’t gone to a salon in forever, so it felt very weird to begin with, but I did it, the cut came out good and I survived.

My friend did a very good job of shearing me down to my crew-cut length.  I am pleased with the cut and I would recommend her to friends.  But I still missed my barber and the whole barbershop experience; the bad jokes, loud TV and sound of many pairs of shears all going at once as 2-3 barbers were working on various guys cutting hair or giving them a shave, and the smell of aftershave in the air.  It’s totally different in feeling from that of the salon visit.  The salon, by the way, was very nice.  I didn’t even know it was there, it’s called EClips and is super nice inside.  It’s hidden in the old button factory buildings in Portsmouth, down off of Islington Street. Those old buildings are so cool and now house many smaller businesses.  The people at this salon did a super nice job with the interior of the place; it’s very comfortable and welcoming.

I overslept this morning because last night I stayed up late watching the movie “Straight Outta Compton” on pay per view.  It was pretty good.  You had to pay close attention to follow the story line though.  But overall it was a pretty decently made film.  Those sure were some wild times for rap music and the NWA group.  Intense and scary that it’s all a true story.  I’m not a big movie theater goer, I’d rather rent movies and watch them in the comfort of my own living room instead.  Then you can pause it when you need a break and control how you watch the movie.  Plus movie theaters, no matter what they do to them, are just never comfortable to me.  Only thing lacking at home is the big ole popcorn machine!

Don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of my weekend.  I do need to do some shopping and I need to do a good house cleaning too.  Perhaps tomorrow I will do those things.  For the rest of today I think I am going to do some reading and just relax and chill.

Peace.  ~MB






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