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Finally it’s Friday!

Starting my new job today.  Just a clerk job over at the truck stop, but it’s a job and I need to be getting out of the house and working. So I took it when it was offered.  I think I will like it; getting to interact with various people, meeting some new people, etc.

I spent today doing a lot of catching up on paperwork, making phone calls and attending to various other slices of life’s business.  I also did a good amount of reading.  OH! And I ordered a recommended book on Amazon – Chely Wright’s “Like Me”  It came to me as a recommendation from a fellow blogger.  So I finally ordered it and should have it in 4-5 days.  I’m looking forward to reading it. The book is basically about a country western singer who is lesbian and what her life was like before and during her coming out.  It’s supposed to be a very good book..we will see!

I also ordered some new address tags today, I am tired of writing my return address on everything I send out, so I got some of those stick on return address tags custom made by  I have used their printing services before and find them to be the best priced, have the widest variety of products and of good quality.

I got to reading today, some of the replies to my blog on politics that came by email rather than as comments – due to length I think – were really good.  I think people are paying attention.  And the closer we get to these primary elections the worse it is getting here.

Here is one VERY interesting and thought provoking piece that I found – and REPOSTED on MY own Facebook page:

An Open Letter to My Friends by Jeremy Nix on Newsvine

It was INCREDIBLY well written and really lays out what is going on and why Trump is so dangerous to this country; how thinking like he is and following him is just basically saying that you too feel like he does and thus you must be just as bigoted and crazy as he is.  Jeremy Nix says it all so eloquently in this piece. You must read it to understand exactly how nutso this Trump dude really IS.   Can you tell that I personally am right there with Jeremy in saying that I too am cool with it if you remove me from your friends list if you don’t like this post because I too can’t understand why anyone would support someone as hateful, sexist, racist and ignorant as Donald Trump.

Ok, enough of that for today, man, I can get myself so irritated when I start thinking of some of this stuff.  And I need to be calm and chipper to go to work.

I’m off…take care my WordPress friends.  Peace!  ~MB


3 thoughts on “Finally it’s Friday!

  1. Roberta Jordan says:

    A lot of people are taking the Trump situation as a joke, but the man’s arrogance scares me. The Donald will set women back years if he has his way. He cares zip about the blue collar worker who has always been the backbone of our coountry. I cringe when I think of what may happen if he gets in office, of what may be taken away. He is a loose cannon. But that is just my thoughts

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  2. What bothers me most about Trump is that he has this huge following of frothing-at-the-mouth bigots whose opinions were formerly too racist, sexist, etc. for general consumption, but have now become generally acceptable because Trump says it first. To have the first and only presidential candidate endorsed by the National Socialist Movement is a terrifying new low.
    PS– Congratulations on the new gig!


  3. Thank you for sharing the OPEN LETTER. Incredibly well written. I continue to be aghast and in shock that Donald Trump is running and doing as well as he is. I sat through some of his first reality show episodes disbelieving anyone could be so rude and crude. I believe the other Republicans will wake up before it is too late and rectify the situation with a more believable candidate. I will post this well written letter on my fb page so it can be shared and shared.


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