Politics…Obama’s State of the Union

I just watched the President’s State of the Union Address, his 7th and last address of it’s kind to this congress and the American people.

I personally like Obama and I think that our country is in a better place than it was 8 years ago, under Bush Jr., for sure.  Economically it’s a no-brainer.  Unemployment has been cut in half, and we’ve had steady job growth.  Problem is that wages haven’t been that great and thus the average 40 hour a week employee is actually making about $4000 less than they were averaging in 2004.  With inflation and lower starting wages, a minimum wage that is utterly ridiculous and huge corporate land-slide profits across the board, it shows us that there is still much work to be done in the American job sector.

This president has had the privilege of trying to handle a country; the most powerful country on this planet, as the world is going through extraordinary changes at a pace that will only accelerate from here.  When he took office there was barely any technology in the White House.  Now it’s so much a part of our everyday lives that even us citizens depend on it to get through our days.  When Obama took office Facebook was in it’s infancy, it had only been offered to the public for a mere 2 years and we all know that story – because most of us are part of it!

Along with this extraordinary technological growth for the good that has taken place during Obama’s presidency, we have to remember that much of this technology can also be used for purposes of not only good, but evil as well.  Thus he has had to combat this rising tide of ISIS and other terrorist groups.  Their technology and ability to use it for evil purposes has also grown by extraordinary proportions in the last 8 years, don’t you think?  It only makes sense.

I feel a little for this guy, he’s really been up against a proverbial wall during his time in office.  Maybe I will catch hell from some of you for supporting him as president.

I wrote a blog earlier today concerning being authentic. Well, I am authentically a Democrat.  I believe that we need to work harder as American citizens to correct this political mess that has been created in Washington DC and in most state capitals across the country.  Yeah, it’s a fucking MESS.  Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves about now.

I haven’t spoken much about my political views until recently.  I have been inspired to blog more about it because it’s most of what is in our daily news feed online, on TV, on our phones, and everywhere we look here in the USA.  Trump is making it into a comedy show and the rest are just flabbergasted at what to do about Trump!  It’s seriously a flawed situation.

I’m not sure who the candidates for the Democratic or Republican parties will be, although I think the Republicans are even petrified that it will come down to Trump and I don’t think they are even very happy about that.  I don’t think they want to align themselves with his rhetoric and rancor.  Wherever it comes from, we should all reject politics that disrespect race and religion and that spew hatred for an entire population of people because of the actions or views of a very few.  Trump wants to forbid any immigration of Muslims and he wants to send those that are here back to wherever they came from.  He’s got some really hateful ideas and I think he likes to spit them out just to get people riled up so they won’t forget his name on voting day, and so that he can inject fear into people and play on that fear to get them to vote for him.  He’s great at diving people that’s for sure.  And we do not need more division in this already divided country and it’s broken political system.

Democrats have little choice either.  We have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  I think that Bernie isn’t a strong enough character to be president, and I worry about his longevity. Hillary has a lot of political baggage, like most everyone in Washington does.  I need to personally research both candidates more and see who I am going to align myself with  personally.  Hell, maybe it will be some liberal…haha.

Change to our political system has to be done by the American people.  We really need to get back to a of, by and for the people type of democracy somehow.   Obama spoke of this tonight in his address.  We need to stop letting money and power rule our system, and we need to stand up and accept our duties as American citizens; vote, speak out, stand up for other, and stay active in public life with these daily acts of citizenship.  We need to live by the power of example and fix our political machine.

So these are my thoughts on tonight’s speech and my opinions on today’s political scene.  I’m sure I’ll inject more in other blogs as we go through this painful election process here over the next 9 months.  It’s going to be hell, just hell I say!









4 thoughts on “Politics…Obama’s State of the Union

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  1. Didn’t watch the SotU, I can’t believe this is his last one as prez. Shit you’re right, Facebook wasn’t a huge presence when he got elected and Twitter wasn’t even around back then!

    This election is absolutely insane. I remember when it was McCain vs. Obama, two very strong candidates with experience and vision. Though I aligned more with Obama, I wouldn’t have been angry if McCain had been elected. Of course after that the tea party went nuts all over the Republican party and well, here we are now. You probably remember more elections than I do (I was 4 when Bill Clinton got elected…). Maybe politics has always been this ridiculous… but when else would a Trump have gotten this far?

    As for Sanders vs. Hilary… both of them are severely lacking one thing or another, and I wish there was someone with Sanders’ integrity and Hilary’s experience… and maybe O’Malley’s guitar skills.

  2. It’s a mess, that’s for sure! I don’t think any of the people currently running have what it takes to fix it. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Finally, finally someone put it into words for me – PlainT wrote – paraphrased – someone with Sanders integrity and Hilary’s experience! Yes! that’s it! My mind has
    been doing inside out somersaults trying to figure out exactly what I’m thinking about the democratic choices – so thanks!
    And MB, thanks for a candid beginning to this up and coming discussion –

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