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Christmas 2015

I’m up and can’t sleep.  Nothing makes any sense tonight.  I think I am getting burnt out, I just can’t make sense of this world right now.

Christmas was very nice.  I spent the whole day with my family at my parents’ home which is not far from mine.  Everyone was there save for my one estranged brother of course.  I miss the guy, but he chooses not to participate in family functions anymore, his loss.  He misses some really nice times with his own family.

I got a nice roof rake, which is used to remove the heavy snow from the roof of my home when necessary in winter.  So if we get any good amounts of snow this winter – which I am sure we will eventually – I am now all prepared.  I also got a new awesome Patriots hat, pompom included!  Ha!

I also got a nice new fleece lined zip up front sweater, it’s very cool and very warm.  Just the right weight for the weather we have been having lately.  I also got a box of little Wade collectibles, they are from the Red Rose Tea boxes, I have collected them for ages and my mom saw this box of them at a thrift shop and bought it for me as a Christmas gift…super sweet of her!  I love them.  Went through all of them today, and separated out the duplicates and will sell those to other collectors when I can.  It’s a fun little collection hobby of mine.

My niece Kyle gave me a print of one of her drawings. She’s in her senior year at Eckerd in Florida, studying to be a marine biologist.  She is also an artist. Most of her art is of marine creatures and other natural beings.  The print I got was of 3 butterflies.  I will post a photo of it, it’s just gorgeous.  I am going to have it matted and framed as soon as I can.

Lulu and Nola went to the festivities with me, they really had a good time.  Lulu didn’t really know what all the hub bub was about, it was her first Christmas, but she loved the attention she got from all of the kids.  She played and played while Nola – the anti-kid dog – watched from across the room to make sure no one hurt her puppy!  Nola just doesn’t care for many people, she’s very selective socially.  As long as she can sit next to me she’s content just to watch and hang out.  She’s never been a very “playful” sort of dog, more of the laid back sort.  Lulu is turning out to be quite the opposite. She’s the social butterfly of the family, will make friends with everyone and is quite entertaining to play and snuggle with.  The kids just adored her.

I think I will take down my Christmas tree today later on.  Some years I leave it up until after January 1st, but this year I think I am just done with Christmas already.  It’s been nice, but I’ve had enough.  I am going to leave the string of little blue lights up around my big picture window in the living room.  They just look ubber cool and I like the soft glow when all the lights are off and it’s dark in there save for those little lights.  Very comforting.

So that was Christmas day for me.  I hope you each had an awesome one too.  Spending the day with the ones you love the most is more important to me than the gifts.  One day I hope to spend a Christmas with a partner by my side again too.  That will be the best Christmas I could have.





11 thoughts on “Christmas 2015”

  1. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas. My son opened his door to everyone this year so no one would be alone and we ended up with twenty five people for Christmas dinner. By nightfall a 21 pound turkey, a 15 pond ham and platter of phyllo chicken and all the trimmings had been either eaten or boxed up for take home…a great time.
    Now I am feeling a bit down as everyone has left our home…seems way to quiet lol. And to match my mood it is pouring rain…delightful.
    I am already missing my younger sister who lives in Mississippi, we don’t see one another nearly enough. And as always we sat and talked about anything and everything just like we did a zillion years ago. All in all it was a great Christmas.

    1. Yeah, they are called “Wades” and I collect “miniatures” and these fit right into that mini theme, so I got hooked. Now I look for them everywhere I go. They’re hard to find as I don’t think they are putting them in the Red Rose Tea anymore. Whenever I find them I buy them all, even if I have those ones already, then I trade and sell the duplicates. I’ve been collecting them now for about 5 years and I have a wonderful collection. I will post some pics. And once I get my shadow boxes mounted on the wall here at my new place I will have them all displayed which looks really cool.

  2. Hey, just like JFulbright7987 I had never heard of these Wades miniatures but when I was looking them up, I found some info you might want.. First, they are still making and giving them away.. They are doing a nautical series right now.. It started in 2012. Second, they have some of the older ones for sale on their website for $1.00. They have some going back to 1994 and they have the whole set available of the Pet Shop series from 2006 – 2008. I also found alot of listings for them on Esty but the prices there were much higher…like $10 for one miniature.. They are adorable though…or at least some of the ones I looked at.. I don’t know how far back the teapot ones go but I saw those and they are really cute.. It’s amazing how much detail they put into them to give them away! So, hopefully this info helps.

    Take care and big hugs, Kars

  3. Yes, I have the book on them, it’s a huge manual type of book that lists the whole history and all the sets. I do also check their website, I don’t think they are putting them in the tea boxes anymore. I guess I should check!!! I know I can buy them online and I do some trading with other collectors too.

    1. Oh, ok.. Sorry then.. I thought maybe I had actually found something that would really help you. I guess I should have known that you would have all the info. Well it was interesting learning about a new collectible that I had never heard of before.
      Good luck with them and have a wonderful Holiday Season!! Big hugs, kara

      1. Oh No! No apology necessary! I appreciate your interest and the information. I was just looking in the book to see what year it was published, I know it’s at least a couple of years old, I found it at a thrift shop too! That’s the fun of collecting them, you never know where you will find them. Someone just called me on the phone and told me they are indeed still putting them in the tea boxes too! Now I will have to go find some Red Rose Tea and see! 🙂 That’s cool that you looked it all up and learned about them, they are really sweet little things.

  4. Yes, they do look adorable and like I mentioned…I can’t believe how much detail they put into them for something that they give away! I had never even heard of that kind of tea until I moved to the East coast almost 5 years ago.. So I had no idea that these little things existed…let alone the tea.. I’m going to try to remember to pick some up the next time I go to the store and see what I get.. Is there any special kind or package you need to get to have a miniature in the package? Thanks for the info and the possible new collection.. 😞
    Big hugs, kara

    1. I’m not sure Kara, I’ve actually never gotten one from a tea box! I discovered them while doing my flea market rounds, and thrift shop treasure hunting! Then I researched them and found out about them. As I was already collecting mini’s I thought I would just add them to the mini collection, but it turned into a whole new sort of collection. I have many duplicates, perhaps I could send you a couple. What’s your favorite animals/creatures?

      1. Oh, thank you very much.. You don’t need to do that but I would I would be very honored to start my collection with a few from you!! Let’s see, I like teddy bears, dogs, cats, bunnies and I love mermaids & pin ups but I doubt they have any of those.. Honestly, I would just be thrilled to receive any you wanted to send me.. If you want, I can pay you for them or the shipping (or both).
        Thanks again for this and huge hugs, kara

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