Merry Christmas

I want to wish all of my christian followers who read  my blog a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I hope you day is filled with the people you love and want to be with and that the joys of the day fill your hearts to overflowing.  Christmas isn’t so much about what you get for presents, it’s who you choose to spend the special day with and the good feelings you get from that.

I am not a religious sort of person myself.  but I do understand that the holiday is the celebration of the birth of Christ.   I was brought up Methodist attending a very small rural church in southern Maine.  I remember those Sundays well.  I continued to attend church regularly with my family up until high school, when it became a bit more sporadic.

I started out my church going in the little “Sunday school” they had.  I liked it mostly because it was an hour of arts and crafts – something that I loved doing anyway.  Then in the 8th grade I was selected to ring the church bell when it was time to call the people to church.  I had a blast climbing up into that old bell tower and using all my body weight to pull on that huge rope!  I actually had another Sunday schooler who would help me named Bob. Then one day we figured out we were alone way up there and Bob kissed me!  Yes, kissed by a boy in the freaking bell tower of the church!  I knew I was going to hell for sure at that point. Making out in the bell tower has got to be wrong in His book!  That was the last time I volunteered for bell ringing duty. I can’t go to that church today without recalling that moment…and giggling under my breath.

I usually do go to midnight services on Christmas eve there. But this year I skipped it.  I just didn’t have the energy to go out tonight.  I was too into being home and happy with my little dogs.  I am very lucky, they are so good and love me so much.  I was just laying on the couch and thinking about how lucky I am – and so are they! – that we have each other every day.

For me Christmas means that I get to spend a whole day with my loving family.  Pictures will be taken, food will be in abundance, and everyone will be jolly and good.  I really enjoy it when we all get together in one space, which only generally happens twice a year – Christmas and our other most favorite holiday Independence Day July 4th!

So here’s to wishing you all a wonder filled day tomorrow.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, have a GREAT day anyway!  ~Peace~




Author: MainelyButch

I am a pretty relaxed, proud, Butch and a native Mainer who enjoys reading, writing, blogging, vlogging and social interaction. I live in southern Maine, near the coast with my 2 small dogs and I hail from a very large, loving family that is historically rooted here. I write about my life, my experiences, living successfully with HIV, my YouTube experiences, and just about anything that piques my interest. This blog may contain profanity and sexual situations, and is not intended for younger audiences. Read at your own risk. At 54 I see life as just beginning a new chapter, and have decide this is the time that I need to write the stories that got me to this point. I believe we live our lives in chapters, changing, evolving and moving continuously with the times. I love to laugh, have discussions, debates and even the occasional nonsense conversation! I generally enjoy people, but not drama, hatred, ignorance or those who choose to feel they are somehow elite or superior to another simply due to their mere existence. I try to be very conscious of the health of the world around me - environmentally, socially, economically, and ethically. The people who are dear to me know me as having a tough exterior, filled with marshmallow and crunchy peanut butter. I continually strive to be the best I can be, especially to address life head on...always.

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