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Lesbophobic….really, it’s a new word to me, I guess it means those who have a problem with Lesbians.

I’m either getting too old for this, or just plain don’t understand.  New words are popping up like buzzards on road kill lately.  I feel so far behind the times that it’s stupid.

I wrote about the Women’s Music Festival, which I guess was also called MichFest.  And it’s Women Born Women (WBW) arguments.  I got some great feedback from my readers.  And today I read about the new show on TV called “Transparent” and how they parodied the WMF and how “lesbophobic” some things evidently were.  Now I didn’t SEE the episode, I haven’t yet encountered it on TV or searched for what night and time it is on through the guide. I’ve heard good and bad about the show, and am not sure I really want to watch Hollywood try to describe a Trans person’s life. When the industry has a Trans producer doing the show then maybe I will take heed and listen up.

I got a new Vape.  I’m trying to use it instead of smoking cigarettes.  It’s definitely an odorless alternative.  There is no smoke, no odor and no nasty tar going into my lungs.  I can smoke it in my new home, which is a bonus because there is NO smoking of tobacco products in here – my rule. This vape seems to give me the shot of nicotine that I crave and it’s not so bad.  I’m not sure about using it in public…seems a bit strange, but after how nasty people glare at you when you light up a real cigarette  it’s got to be better than that.  I’m tired of feeling like the outlaw smoker.  But damn, I do like my cigarettes.  Stupid I know, but true.  I won’t lie.

I’ve been to three parties in the last 9 days…I’m about partied out I would say.  The holidays always entail several parties for me.  And I enjoy them; seeing everyone and the hugs and kisses.  I have fun playing the Yankee Swap game.   The last game I got a gift certificate to Apple’s iTunes store.  Score!  Not a bad gift!  And one I will certainly use.  Now I can get my new favorite song downloaded today!

I’m still working on music and photo transferring between computers and devices.  I have come to the conclusion that my iPod is sort of an outdated, antiquated device.  And it’s redundant because I can use my phone for my music anyway.  So I am trying to clean one computer (laptop) out and use it only for music storage and iTunes access.  That way I won’t have to worry about taking up all that space in this new PC of mine.

Cleaning through all of the photographs has been really fun.  It’s brought back many memories of not just this last year, but of the last few years becasue there were about 3 years of pictures in that laptop and on my various devices.  It’s a task, a hard and long one, but it’s fun and worth it.  I’m junking those pics I don’t want, or that are blurry or just pointless in some way, and keeping only those that I seriously want to keep.  When I am done I will make a couple of printed photo collages of 2015 and hang them in the hallway along the wall where I am hanging other pictures of family and friends through the years.  I have some already in frames that are old now and that I will remove from those frames, add newer ones to the frame and rehang.  I will then scan the old pics into my PC just so I have them in the DropBox.  Ever wonder what will now happen to all of your pictures when you die?  I guess they just get left behind in cyberspace for eternity or til the web dies or is replaced with some other super sonic thing.  I know I wonder this as I am saving pics.  It’s like who besides me would even care about these photographs?  And who would know any of these people I call my friends in them?  I am naming all of the pictures and dating them as best possible. Although generally I am just using things like “Patty and cats” for descriptions.  Short and sweet and I know exactly who they are, guess that’s what matters.  I have much work to do on this project and as far as I can see I have all winter to get it done before it’s warm enough to get back outside and do some gardening around my new place.

I have also been updating my web pages, like Tumblr,, Twitter etc.  Sometimes I just don’t pay much attention to them.  And Tumblr is mostly for a much younger crowd than I fit into anyway, although my blogs do auto post to it when I post them on WordPress.  As they also do to Twitter, but I have my twitter feed locked to only approved followers.  I am ripe for cyber stalking I am sure.  But after being a visible entity online since like 2008 it’s hard not to be.  Once it’s out there, it’s out there.  I still have much to do on my WordPress in deleting irrelevant posts and cleaning it up, perhaps changing the theme even.  Hey, I’m trying to freshen things up, maybe attract some new readers/friends and do some better writing for 2016.

I know that our country has an election in 2016 that’s not going to be very pretty to experience or watch as an American.  That dude Trump has really done some super damage to the Republican party (poor ‘publicans!) which I just laugh at.  How can anyone take this guy seriously?  I have no idea.  In my book he’s a raging idiot.  He’s dangerous and he’s chaotic.  A presidency under him would be a complete fucking train wreck.  We will be – if we aren’t already – the laughing stock of the world.   And he will be very damaging to our political allegiances around the globe.  Can Hillary Clinton beat him?  I sure as fuck hope so!  She’s our only serious candidate that could do it.  And it is time for us to have a woman president, not some billionaire weirdo from Atlantic City!  I am sure that I will have more to say politically as time goes on in 2016.  I’m sure that I won’t be able to not say anyting.  I just won’t be able to keep my mouth shut, the political health of this country is pretty important and all citizens deserve to speak out and be heard.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas this Friday!  Yup, it’s THIS Friday folks!  Get ready to travel, to eat and to be Merry!  Try to let go of your aggressions and be nice to people.  Be kind to those you meet, they could be fighting a battle that you know nothing about.  Be kind to yourself.

Peace!    ~MB




3 thoughts on “Lesbophobic….really?

  1. Lesboi says:

    I haven’t watched the new season of Transparent yet but I highly recommend the show. It’s only available on Amazon Prime so you won’t find it on your tv listings. They have used a lot of trans people in the show and as advisors and it’s very well done and tasteful. Anyway, I’m not at all prepared for Christmas and will just be happy to get it over with but it’ll be here Friday regardless. I’ll try to put on a happy face and be nice like you suggest. Merry Christmas MB.


  2. Well…..I know my thoughts will be rather unpopular among many I care for BUT I really, really like Bernie Sanders.
    We cannot possibly have Trump – and is there any other republican rival close enough?
    And there are many many voters rabidly against having a woman for president so though I like Hilary and think she deserves it – still isn’t she playing that big boys game along party lines??? And I fear even some in her party will not vote for a woman. I could be all wet – I hope I am!
    I think the heart and soul within this country are ready for a real change in a real forward positive upward direction!
    I’ve been in the bind before about don’t vote for the “odd” or the “independent” candidate because that is really only a vote for the republicans….and I won’t say further about those secret ballots….but I’ve read those who know who say that kind of trying to beat the vote guessing doesn’t work anyway – so?
    BUT this time I want to SHOUT OUT to all – a challenge – to STOP playing the head game and vote with your heart! ! ! If we all voted for who we really really liked best I wonder what would happen. Do you know the story of The 100th Monkey?
    I’m for BERNIE! ! ! and I’m not ducking . . .


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