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I have been having the weirdest and wildest dreams lately.  I love to dream, but the topics of my dreams have been very much out there…I’ve dreamed a lot about an ex of mine especially.  It seems like I spend my nights with her.  They are not bad dreams at all, just interesting and confusing to me when I wake up.  I am not sure why I would be repeatedly dreaming about her.  Perhaps it’s that I feel that there is unfinished business from that relationship.  Perhaps it’s because I have run out of one of my medications and it’s causing these dreams to occur. Whatever it is it’s kind of disconcerting to me.  And it causes me to think about her when I am awake now too.  Something I know I should not do.

It’s a rainy Tuesday morning here.  I am up really super early having coffee and deciphering my most recent dream.  The dogs got up and went outside, but came back in pretty quickly because of the rain.  I have to say that Lulu is not a wussy though, she is tough and will withstand the rain to do her business outside.  Brave little dog.

I need to do a bunch of address changing today.  Contacting various people to let them know of my recent move and the new address for mailing.  I considered getting a Post Office box, but it’s just too darned expensive and then I would have to travel downtown to get my daily mail…doesn’t seem reasonable.

The glass tables for my living room set came in a couple of days ago.  So here is the living room with all of the furniture.

2015-12-14 11.01.07


5 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Your living room looks very comfy and pleasant – pretty tree and lights!
    I’ve had those kind of weird dreams and they kind of hang on during day hours – last ones were side effects from a medication.


  2. Looks awesome…cozy comfy and warm. No carpet? Lol cuz of the dogs? Love the festive feel. Are you happy there so far? I hope so 🙂 Ex-dreamin….brrrr…scary stuff sometimes. Keep it in perspective tho. Just sayin xo


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