Things I like about Winter…

…there ARE things that I like/love about winter months.  I was thinking yesterday about it, about how I complain that I don’t care for snow…but then I live in Maine; I choose to live here because I truly do love it here, even though I bitch and moan about snow and how much I hate it…I don’t really “hate” it but I dislike it to a heavy degree.  Hate is too strong a word.

So here are some of the things I thought about that I enjoy about this time of the year here in Maine.

  • 1.  A freshly fallen snow is actually quite beautiful.  It coats everything in a clean white sheet and looks pretty amazing.  It always makes me smile and get out my camera for some pretty pictures.  It makes my dogs giddy with doggy glee as they race around in it and try to tunnel to China.
  • Flannel shirt season. Need I say more?  Ok, I will…I love wearing my flannel shirts, the soft  worn cotton against my skin makes me happy. Layered clothing, hoodies and long johns also put a smile on my face.
  • Blanket burittoing, the act of wrapping oneself in comfy blankets and becoming one with the couch while watching movies.  This is just a heavenly activity.
  • Watching the winter birds at my bird feeders.
  • Snowmen and snow creatures.  It’s cool to see what the imaginations of the locals can do with snow.
  • Football on Sunday afternoons.  Goes along with becoming a blanket burrito and consuming good amounts of appetizers during the game.
  • Holiday food…there is just something about all of the foods that we encounter at holiday gatherings that makes it extra good.  Then we all complain about gaining weight in January, make empty New Years’ resolutions to work out and lose it, just to do it all over again the following December. The fight never ends.
  • Winter bonfires.  This is a favorite activity of mine.  I love fire.
  • Christmas cards.  Snail mail is becoming scarce, usually it’s just bills and notices, but at Christmas I enjoy finding cards from friends and family in my mailbox.  It’ brings me great joy to hear from people that I may not see very often during the year.
  • Seeing everyone at holiday gatherings.  This is especially nice because I don’t get to see some of these people much during the year.
  • Yankee Swaps.  This is a tradition at our holiday party every year.  It’s a confusing gifting game that always has mixed up rules.  I don’t know that there really is a set of real rules for playing!
  • Christmas music is always nice to hear on the radio.

So those are some of the things that make me happy at this time of year.  Despite the cold temps and cloudy skies I try to find things to be happy about and I make an extra effort not to complain.  Complaining gets me no where plus I hate a complainer!

What makes you happy during the colder months?

Peace!   ~MB




11 thoughts on “Things I like about Winter…

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  1. hmmmm .. let´s see …

    snow in december
    Xtmas fairs
    Glogg(hot wine punch, just while visiting xtmas fairs)
    scented candles in the evening
    scented oil lamp .( cinnamon, apple, vanilla,almond,sandalwood and so on …)
    Russian cholocale (hot chocolate with a little bit of wodka)
    Coffe Bayleys (just in winter)
    roast chesnuts (yummi !!!!!! :D)
    hollidays lights all over the world !!!! 😀
    unfortunately I wasn´t yet in any xtmas fair this year, so I haven´t had a glogg …
    but as I will go on Friday night ,for a dinner, with my former colleagues, I will certainly have my one and only russian chocolate of this winter … L O L 😀 ”
    Nostrovia !!!!! L O L 😀

    Thank God you are back, my friend!
    Take care of u and enjoy your new place !

    Best regards
    Maria 🙂

  2. What do you think of trans men and trans women forcing themselves into and eventual shut down- the owners gave up – of the womyn born womyn only Michigan Womyn’s Festival?

    I think lesbian born women who are non transitioning have the legal right to exclude anyone who is not a womyn born womyn without being forced with harrassment, legal threats, to exclude those who are not.

  3. Sorry if posted multiple times
    What do you think of trans men and trans women forcing themselves into and eventual shut down- the owners gave up – of the Michigan Womyn’s Festival?

    I think lesbian born women have the legal right to exclude anyone who is not a womyn born womyn without facing harrassment, legal threats, to exclude those who are not.

  4. Hot chocolate in a Thermos.
    Cheese fondue with family and friends.
    Warm mulled cider.
    Walks through the snowy woods at night, carrying our trusty old Dietz lanterns on sticks over our shoulders.
    Cardinals hunting for winterberries in our wetland.
    Ice skating on the firepond.
    Sleeping out in the barn with the sheep on Christmas eve to see if they truly talk at midnight.
    Digging snow forts in the eight-foot high piles of snow in February.
    When the power comes back on after a blizzard.

  5. Winter Joy
    The quiet that comes after a heavy snowfall
    Watching children playing in fresh snow
    Sitting by a roaring fire and eating chocolate
    Cuddling up with my dogs and hearing their soft breathing as they sleep
    The house filled with the scents of the holidays
    Sampling our families traditional winter foods, especially avacado with almond milk and honey and a touch of cinnamon blended like a pudding…so good.
    Wearing warm, soft sweaters
    But most of all, thick, comfy quilts to burrow into (and there I shall remain until April)

  6. Up in Aroostook county, I love watching the Mattawamkeag River freeze over and the heavy snows transform the forest. I love knowing there’s five cords of wood that I split and stacked waiting out back for the real cold (-40 last winter) to come. The feel of the house when the wood stove is roaring. Watching the flames and all the animals passed out around the stove. And, of course, wearing my Carhartt gear!

    1. Yeah! Carhartts!!!! I forgot how awesome those are to suit up in. Stacking that wood must have been a chore, it will be rewarding to warm up by a fire that you know YOU built! Hello Aroostook County! ~MB

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