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Little Things

I’ve been in my new home for about a week now and I am down to unpacking and finding places for those little things like knick knacks and my crafting stuff.  The shed is pretty full, although there is still some room in there, it’s a big shed.  It will have to be weeded through in the spring.

I’ve been lazy the last 2 days.  All I have done is get the last of my stuff out of storage and lay around and watch TV and sleep.  I think it’s things catching up with me.  I was so overwhelmed with moving by myself and getting everything done in a timely manner that I just wore myself out.

It’s Christmas time and still no snow thank goodness.  We’ve been having very mild weather, good temperatures and sunny days.  It’s little things like nice weather that please me so much.

Other than the last two days of feeling pretty worn out I have been feeling pretty good.  I still have a lot to do, but it will get done slowly.  There’s no hurry now that I am in the new place.  Everything is here, that’s what I was aiming to accomplish at the moment.  I am just thankful to be back in my own place and to have all my stuff in one place again!

I put up some bird feeders and have had birds coming to them consistently.  It’s nice to be able to see them feeding and we have so many varieties.  I am going to set up a cam on the feeders and try to share some pictures.

I have been setting up a new computer and am at that point where I need to move my music library from one to the other.  I am petrified.  I use iTunes, and I am hoping that my libraries are also stored on the cloud.  My other computer is pretty screwed up right now, and all my music is on it unfortunately.  I know there is a way to use my iPod as a tool to move the library…I just have to remember how to do it.  I can’t be the only fool who upgrades equipment and has this issue…so I know it’s got to be fixable.  There are a lot of new songs that I have discovered recently due to listening to the radio station that I found and love.  I want to get some of them on my devices so that I have them to listen to.  Come to think of it my library is also on my phone…hmmm…

I am attending a big party tomorrow night so I went and got my hair cut today.  My regular barber, it seems, is out because he hasn’t renewed his license this year….so I was pretty iffy about getting it cut by another barber. I went to Loaded Dice Boston Barbers where I usually go and had Brandon cut it for me, he did a righteously great job.  I like it. Then I went and had my eyebrows waxed, so I will be looking good for tomorrow night…just in case, ya know?  🙂

It seems that I have several parties to go to this holiday season.  I’m psyched to go to them this time around too.  I’ve been much more social lately, just trying to meet new people and develop new friendships and relationships. I have done too much hiding away by myself this last year and I needed to cut that out.  I need to be going out and socializing as much as possible.  I know that’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s time for me to become a social butterfly for the holidays. 🙂  I am just one of these people who doesn’t always like the exposure of a party atmosphere.  I more enjoy my quiet nights at home with my dogs.  I know I shouldn’t be that way though, it’s important to my mental health to be socializing with other people.  I wish there were more LGBT people around here to get together with, but alas, the pitfalls of living in rural Maine.  Hopefully I will get some good pictures tomorrow night.  I haven’t been taking many pictures lately and I miss doing that.  Plus the pictures that I have taken are on various devices at the moment.  I am working on pulling them altogether in one of the various clouds that I have on my computer that way they will be easier to share.  I do have everything connected so that I can get back on Skype now and do videos.  The camera does a great job with Windows 10!  Check out the selfie I just took below!

Have a great day!  Peace!  ~MB

Picture 2



3 thoughts on “Little Things”

  1. I poked around on regarding LGBT social stuff in Maine. Not a heckuva lot to be found, sadly. There’s a lesbian group in the Portland area, but Sagemaine seems to have the most widespread presence, and while SAGE is geared toward older LGBT folks, there appeared to be younger queers in the regional groups too. But I’m sure you know all this already…

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