All Moved!

Whew! It’s been a long, hard 7 days of moving into my new place! I am in here and happy as hell about it too! I had written a very long blog about things over the last week, writing a little every night after I settled down for the evening, but it’s in a program that I was “trying out” and now I am having issues accessing the document I saved from it. Thus, I just installed Apache Open Office on this new computer and viola! Here I am! I like this program, it’s very easy, and is as good as one you would pay for like Office 365…and it’s FREE…that’s the best part. I can’t see paying for a program like this to use to type up documents and run the occasional spread sheet or do a presentation. I highly recommend this software to anyone looking for a good alternative to a pay for use platform. Thanks the the advice of ButchCountry67 for turning me on to Apache’s Open Office…and now I have the very latest, 4.1 version!

Anyway, I got moved. Yes that is the big news. It was a long and arduous project, but it’s done with the exception of one final load of 6 totes from my little storage unit in Eliot. Once that is done tomorrow I can officially say that all my stuff is in one place once again. I have done the whole move by myself, save for hiring 3 guys to help me with the U-haul the first day to move all of the stuff from my large storage unit; i.e. furniture and a million boxes and totes, into the house. This took us about 4.5 hours to do with the four of us. We got it done pretty fast, I’d say that is pretty good for moving the contents of a 2+ bedroom home from point A to point B.

Once everything was here I began unpacking. That’s what I have been doing for the last week. Unpacking and finding places for all of my household goods. The kitchen here is smaller, so it was a challenge to find cabinet space for everything and I still could use a good upright pantry with 4-5 shelves in it for food and small appliance storage in there. The overall kitchen space is larger, but the cabinet space lacks. I actually love the kitchen nonetheless.

I got some new furniture delivered last Thursday and that looks great. I decided that a new home needed new stuff. Plus I had smoked in the last place and didn’t want to bring the couch and stuff that had been exposed to the smoking, into this new place – where we do NOT smoke inside the house. So I got a new living room set, couch and loveseat, and a new kitchen set, table and chairs, and a new master bedroom set, dressers, nightstand and bed headboard and frame. I’ll be paying for it for a while but it is worth it, the place looks pretty damned good and for a change everything matches! I don’t think I have ever had a bedroom “set” that all the pieces matched in….I know I haven’t! It looks really “grown up” in there…hahaha.

Finally today I got the high speed internet connection and the cable TV installed. The installer had to rewire the whole place because the previous owner had used DishTV and another internet service and this place wasn’t wired for the Comcast Xfinity systems at all. He was here about 2.5 hours running all new wiring and setting everything up. Three TV’s and the wirless modem/router. I am soooo glad that it is done, and it brings me back into contact with the world once again. It was a true test of my patience and fortitude to go without TV or internet for 8 days…I learned how to entertain myself evenings with lots of other stuff…mostly with working on the house and organizing it.

The dogs have settled in nicely. Lulu has become fully house broken now. Staying at my sweet cousin Laurie’s place in Springvale helped with that process immensely. She learned that it was much more comfortable and rewarding to do her “business” outside than to use a wee pad in the house. And I learned to take my dogs outside more often and let them run around. Part of her not being house broken at age 8 months was MY fault, I wasn’t taking her out regularly like I am now doing. Staying at Laurie’s spurned me to do that, and I have kept the regularity with the move here. I also have set up an area out the back door that is fenced in for them, so they can go right out the door and into their “yard” if I am not walking them on leashes. It’s very convenient and they seem to like it just fine. Nola had a bit of a melt down on me a few days after moving in. I took them to Petco to get their nails cut and buffed smooth…she hates to have that done and she got an attitude with me about it where she wouldn’t look at me or listen to me for like 3 days. She wouldn’t eat either and just pouted on the couch like a little princess. Finally she came around and she seems to have forgotten now, thankfully!

So, now things should get back to normal in my life. I feel 100% less stressed already! And it’s only been a week in here! But it’s MY place and where I belong. Having a home for me and my baby dogs is very important to me, as I suppose it would be to anyone. I need my space, I need my surroundings to be mine and to be familiar. My stress level was pretty high during the whole waiting process between being in one place, staying in someone else’s home and then getting moved in here. I did about everything that I could think of to stay occupied and to wait it out patiently. It was hard, I must say. But I got it done, and now I can breathe freely and feel at home once again. I’m already much more relaxed and much happier than I have been these last 2 months. Laurie kept me pretty occupied with going to holiday fairs and penny sales with her, but still I was anxious to get moved into this place and make a “home” once again.

It’s getting pretty cold here in Maine now. The last few days it has been nice. Nice enough so that I even got the whole front and back yards raked and bagged 5.5 huge bags of leaves doing it. I installed driveway markers so that I will know where the edge is for shoveling and plowing as needed once the snow flies. So the place is ready for winter, but I am not! I hate the snow as everyone knows, but I love living in Maine so it’s something that I tolerate every year. Eventually it IS going to snow here, I am just hoping that it won’t start and not stop like it did last year…that was brutal. I am praying for a lighter winter, less snow and less Artic temperatures! We will see I guess…but I can hope, can’t I?!

Alrighty, I need to get some sleep. One more load to haul from storage tomorrow and then errands to do around town – like pick up my held mail at the old post office and see if I have any mail at the new one! I put in my address change last week, so it should have taken affect by now.

All is good, I even managed to find and put up my Christmas tree! It really looks cute. I posted a pic of it on Facebook from my phone, but don’t have one loaded here to post…I’ll work on pictures next and get some updated stuff up. One thing at a time! I’m just happy to be back online and blogging again right now.

I hope everyone is doing well, having fun getting ready for the upcoming holidays and staying warm and comfortable in this cold weather! Peace! ~MB


3 thoughts on “All Moved!

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  1. Congratulations ! … enjoy your new (and hopefully last) home ! 🙂
    Have a nice, sweet, and serene december and I wish u, in advance, a warm and nice Xtmas ! 😀
    Kind regards
    Maria 🙂

  2. Congratulation on your new home and getting settled in so fast, I can totally relate to the new bedroom set that matches and looks all grown up lol , this year I inherited my Grandmother’s set, and I hate to admit this… but it is the first time in my entire life I have had a a complete matching bedroom set.

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