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Yes, let's make it an even 150 published blogs for 2015....I just received my WordPress end of year report...I didn't realize how much I write, the report was very interesting. It seems that I have - up to this one here which is #150 - openly shared and published 149 blogs this year. I have readers… Continue reading #150

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Digital Age Relationships

How do you feel that your relationships have changed due to being in the digital age? Digital Dating...Cyber Lovin'....Virtual Hook Ups.... I'm sure that 2016 is going to usher in a whole new round of technology that will keep us glued to our cellular devices and carrying ice packs for our bent necks.  We will… Continue reading Digital Age Relationships

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Some Deep Thinking Lately…

I feel like language in the LGBT community and in general has changed and is continuing to change so much lately.  Every time I turn around the "proper" way to address someone or say something has changed up on me.  I just can't keep up.  I've read a lot about pronouns lately especially.  With the… Continue reading Some Deep Thinking Lately…